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Rare Bastard - Edgardio Chilini.jpg

Rare Bastard

AlchemyLab Edgardio Chilini for Vladimir



Rare Gitter


You always recognize it by smell. Something in it is predatory and magnetically attracting. It is difficult to understand, it must be felt! In pursuit of quality, he is tired of having quantity, and it is not surprising that scoundrels usually consider all others as losers. They are always "on horseback" because they are real bastards.


Top notes:

neroli from Tunisia, chord salami


Heart notes:

coriander, thyme, violet, iris of Pallida from Florence


Base notes:

vetiver, cedar, leather, incense from Somalia, benzoin from Laos

niche fine fragrances

Edgardio Chilini niche fine fragrances
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