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Niche fragrance Strawberry Ecstasy | Edgardio Chilini

Strawberry Ecstasy

Niche fragrance Strawberry ecstasy reminds us that enjoying the aroma is one of the pleasures of life. And if it is also an appetizing smell of strawberries, then pleasant emotions and good mood are constant companions of this flavor. This is another plus in the treasury of positive emotions and joy.


Fresh, sparkling, lively


Top notes:

lemon, grapefruit, galbanum, bergamot, cardamom

Heart notes:

black currant, strawberry, rose from Nepal, geranium, osmanthus

Base notes:

patchouli, rosewood, vanilla, sandalwood, amber, musk, oak moss

Strawberry Ecstasy Edgardio Chilini

Strawberry Ecstasy

room spray

Strawberry spray for home Strawberry Ecstasy room spray Edgardio Chilini

Aroma creates indoor joyful atmosphere of celebration and fun, evoking memories of children’s serene fantasies.

Characteristic notes: a chord of champagne, strawberries, strawberries

Photo: Alya Deko>

From reviews - lively reflections:



Good morning! I wish you to easily spend the last day of the working week! And I will go on business and accompany me today #strawberryecstasy @edgardio_chilini strawberry soda is sweet, fizzy and a little carefree.




New from my favorite @edgardio_chilini Strawberry ecstasy. Sweet prickly, sweet and spontaneous. Strawberries, sweets and sparkling soda. It is charming and simple, but I like it very much. There is something joyful in it. I listen, I try to guess the pyramid and do not rush to conclusions. Bye-like.

P.S: this fragrance can be very commercially successful, IMHO. Anyone who smelled liked. Kind sweet berry aroma. Resistant with medium cable. Better and brighter sounds from clothes.


My first fragrance has been accompanying me for the past few days. @edgardio_chilini Strawberry Ecstasy. For me, this is not just a dream come true, it is very tasty, I would even say a gourmet flavor that will not leave anyone indifferent. Strawberry Ecstasy - not just strawberries with cream, this is a whole story that I haven’t solved yet ...

Beauty blogger Elena Kotova elenakot>:


The fragrance of joy Strawberry Ecstasy by Edgardio Chilini>

Fragrance, from which you want to smile post

I wore it for several days avidly, trying to understand what it is associated with and now I know!
The country of joy is a children's amusement park.

Carousel and large ferris wheel. Cotton candy, popcorn and soda machines.
Strawberry Ecstasy for me is strawberry pop. Light pink with bubbles.

On the promo of the fragrance amazing girl with a chiseled figure. Sexuality in the flesh.
But the scent... He's not like that. There is no sex and provocation in it. He is positive, tasty and optimistic. He screams in your ear, "Hey, more faith in the best, everything will be fine!"
In minutes, the flying grapefruit start and then the strawberry solo. Sometimes she flirts with you, hiding under a blanket of vanilla or masquerading as candied currants, but you can't catch us)
He is like a teddy bear or Barbie in a shining dress-thing from a carefree time that you can get from the far shelf just to smile.
I like the score, we will be friends.

M&B Miranda Beauty World

Light, tasty and simple strawberry fragrance. I associate this composition with childhood, with attractions, with smiles, with a feeling of carefree fun and happiness.

I also associate this fragrance with a childish, sparkling champagne with the taste of a sweet strawberry. Of course, the fragrance is not mine and I would hardly use it, but I often use it to fill the apartment with fun, optimism, and just to lift the mood.

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