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Niche fragrance Pear Sorbet | Edgardio Chilini

Pear Sorbet

Niche fragrance Pear Sorbet is an impression of the image of a girl enjoying a pear sorbet in an outdoor cafe, and flushed with hope and foreboding.


The stranger caught her wandering, serene, fleeting glance. It was like an electric shock! Just a few seconds, for a quiet knowledge inside: "with this - yes." She did not need to persuade herself to anything. And this “yes” applied to everything. It is a pity that he did not stop. With regret, looking after the stranger with whom “everything could have been”, she returned to the pear sorbet in thought: “It is a pity that it is impermissible to be so brave as not to miss your happiness, to catch up and get to know him herself. Acquisition melted in the mouth, distracting from the growing sense of annoyance. “Well, nothing, all for the better” - the inner philosopher and psychologist vied with each other to support her, - “How many will still be!” - “No! There will never be such a thing. Such meetings are once in a lifetime! ”She argued with her thoughts.


“This is for you!” She raised her eyes and was stunned. It was that stranger who handed her a bouquet of mimosa and tulips. Flashed through my head: “It can’t be!” And the reality stopped. “This does not happen!” - she, out of habit, again argued with herself, not believing in her happiness. "Like in the movies!"


“Maybe I, really, am a good person?” She convinced herself, clearing her mind of complexes and childhood psychotrauma. Yes, unconditional mutual love inspires and gives true bliss.

The aroma of pear sorbet, its taste, combined with the smell of tulips and mimosa, will remain in the memory of a fragrant anchor, like a time machine, returning to the amazing, magical moment of life, the moment of the emergence of love that all life has been waiting for.

Fruit, Floral, Fresh


Top notes:

pear, tulip, melon, peach


Heart notes:

mimosa, peony, lilac, hibiscus, lily of the valley, rose, violet, almond


Base notes:

benzoin, sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, musk

Attention! Please do not apply aromas containing natural citrus extracts to exposed skin. This can cause photosensitivity, pigmentation disorders, irritation, allergies.

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