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Niche fragrance Poseidon | Edgadio Chilini


Unexpected beginning

Niche fragrance Poseidon reflects the realistic flavor of the surf. Beached algae dry quickly in the sun and give the smell which reminds of the coast. Iodide sea breeze springs up when you have just come out from the green coolness to the beach. This shade in the top notes of the fragrance evokes memories and takes us to the seaside.

The fragrance contains natural fucus algae extract and sea water.

Top notes:

seaweed, juniper berries, fucus

Heart notes:

sea chord, nutmeg, clove, iris, peach, jasmine, cumin, lily of the valley, rose sage, pepper, jasmine

Base notes:

mahogany, sandalwood, pine, vetiver, labdanum, cedar, amber, musk, oak moss

photo: @adventureproducoes >
makeup: @leticiadejesus  >

model: Pierre Pereira @pierrepereira__ >

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