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Niche fragrance How To Steal A Million | Edgardio Chilini

How To Steal A Million



In the niche fragrance How How Steal A Million, the combination of violet with badin and vanilla makes an amazing impression. Very gentle femininity of the young lady.

He is associated with expensive tobacco, which is smoked by an exquisite lady, sitting in a posh room on a red couch, from which the smell of rosy wood can still be heard. She herself perfumed with beautiful powder, and next to the table is a bouquet of fresh irises, dried flowers and mint. No, not edible peppermint, but the other, which is used in expensive exclusive bouquets and fragrant blends. Also, someone somewhere scattered fresh black pepper with a very delicate aroma. The fragrance is not for everyone, but it is very playful, complex and refined. It is also out of time - it cannot be called obsolete or modern, it seems that it was not a man who invented it, but it is just a coincidence of smells in an expensive living room.


Aroma organically personifies the image of Audrey Hepburn in the movie How to Steal a Million.


Top notes:

green cardamom, bergamot, star anise, violet, blue mint


Heart notes:

iris, jasmine, rose, magnolia


Base notes:

woody notes, amber, musk

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