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Niche fragrance Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Edgardio Chilini

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

or "Who was the hunter, who prey..?" is dedicated to Woody Allen


Niche fragrance Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a fantasy on how to create an unforgettable journey to Barcelona for the summer holidays of two young American women, best friends.

What is important in masterpieces of painting and cinema? Of course the mood! Similarly, in spirits, in particular copyright, of Edgardio Chilini. What is the mood you create an unforgettable trip to Barcelona for a summer holiday of two young American women, best friends..?


Vicki, it's like the top notes of the fragrance. They, like the heroine of the film is very fresh, but at the same time solid and realistic, but full of inspiration. The intrigue in it, to be consistent. Basic chords cool menthol, though blanketed with frost ripe citrus and exotic fruit - lemon, lime, green apple, red apple, passion fruit, lychee, - to spice wrapped a sheet of black currant and seasoned with pepper. It hides an explosive secret - the intrigue begins!


Heart notes - the second girl from the novel, Cristina. Risky, seeking himself, do not accept the banality. Juicy blonde and seductive, mysterious coquette. Languid flowers jasmine and ylang-ylang, and the dizzying intoxication never go unnoticed. At the same time sensual magnolia and air peony emphasize youth and attractiveness, and burning with passion rose nature. The fragrance develops swirl fruit and berry cocktail of ripe raspberry and gentle peach - passions is inevitable! Sweet caramel adds a sexy image.

Man, nothing like, the base spirits. His name is Juan Antonio - he is burning Spaniard artist with a great sense of humor. The brutal measure, a pretty darn good. He who thanks to their talent and charisma will reveal the potential of every woman and will ignite the fire of love in it. At the base of the perfume resolutely declare themselves masculine chords, melody like a temperamental Spanish guitar: patchouli, vetiver, vanilla pods. Gloss and bohemian chic gives stateliness woody notes of cedar, pine, sandalwood. Final exactly conveys the hot rhythm of Flamenco dance, warming aura animalic leather, musk, amber.


This perfume is for the players, the researchers eternal battle of the sexes - that wins loyalty or tempted, or constancy affair ?! The inner man or woman in the inner man in a woman? He thinks that he is a player, but do not play them? What gets hold of them - impulsivity pepper and juicy apple or magnolia sensuality and tender peach, menthol sophistication and discretion currant or misleading stramonium and elusive candy?


Hot spirits "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" is so well tailored and universal, that will not leave anyone indifferent. Fire flares up! Its flame is not only warmed the autumn and winter, but also indispensable in the cool summer evenings. It was like a gale, enters into the heat of the night streets - it's a game, and who will be the winner and who is the vanquished - you decide. Depending on your mood ... In any case, if you are in this fragrance - you're in the game!


VEZHGA - perfume expert; Anastasia Barroso - writer, image maker


Group: floral, fruit

Main accords:

green, woody, aromatic, fresh spicy, fruity

Top notes:

menthol, lemon, lime, green apple, red apple, blackcurrant leaves, passion fruit, pepper, orange, litchi

Heart notes:

peony, datura, caramel, jasmine, ylang-ylang, raspberry, peach, magnolia, rose

Base notes:

patchouli, vanilla, cedar, pine, sandalwood, vetiver, leather, amber, musk


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

From reviews - live reflections:



In Vicky Cristina Barcelona, ​​I have nothing that can be proud of the pink maroon color or even the sharp clove behind the ear, like a flamenco dancer. Although I know that it has a different color, or it may just be a little lost in the lush bouquet, dope, jasmine, ylang and magnolia, or were added as traditional ingredients in the middle of the scents, other flowers on the backing vocals. Perhaps the caramel and peach are bothering me, but the fact remains. Forgive me generously - this is a matter of taste preferences, because it is FRAGRANCE-HIT)!



One of the favorites of this brand after fragrance Frida. Resistant, kept on the skin for more than 12 hours, endured hygienic procedures, washing dishes and in the morning is still slightly audible on the elbow. Herbal, mint with a citrus chord, here tropical fruits, a little cedar resin, spices. Definitely feminine, daytime and, I think, summer. Check in soon.



Fruit-gourmet fragrance, which is in the spirit of the brand, that is, there is no raging of individual notes, there is no sweetness over the top and nothing sticks together. In the presence of mint leaves and currants, mixed with caramel, notes of apples (better than they are served in the suite), a little passion fruit. Mint is very refreshing start, lasts about an hour, highlighting the fruity sweetness, and gradually goes away with them. Then he becomes more gourmet, interspersed with the remaining raspberries. It becomes thicker, raising woody and patchouli notes from the bottom. This is his character does not fundamentally change, he holds his line.


Leather and other notes do not brightly mark themselves. The base is quiet, sits close to the skin, remaining near-gourmet. Is that woody notes denote themselves a little more. The base is tenacious, more than 12 hours, but not strongly looped, it sits correctly. Gender female, despite the efforts of mint.

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