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Niche fragrance Lambrusco | Edgardio Chilini


The whole world is at your feet


Niche fragrance Lambrusco plays and sparkles with cheerful bubbles, delighting with tart, spicy notes that are perceived as a “chord of luxury”. Hue, which, perhaps, dreams of young wine, missing in the dark cellars, gaining harmony and subtlety of aroma and taste. The “Scented Prisoner” will be freed from captivity and embody the meaning of its existence - will give pleasure to the shades of juicy fruits, and the aftertaste of wine chords will awaken memories of happy sunny days.


Fresh, fruity, tart, floral fragrance.


Top notes:

champagne, kiwi, green apple, bergamot, lemon, red berries, pink pepper, peach


Heart notes:

wine accord, rhubarb, jasmine, cyclamen, violet, rose, lilac, ylang-ylang


Base notes:

lemon tree, sandalwood, storax, musk, amber

From reviews - lively reflections:


What drama and tragedy can there be when fruit wine and buns of laughter are on the table?

Absolutely no. Only positive, cheerfulness and readiness for adventure :)


It is difficult to describe the aroma, when the name says it all, and the whole pyramid about the same thing - about fruits, berries and wine.

Very tasty, stimulating appetite and thirst of life, very joyful aroma.

Emphasized fruit without sugar and extra sweetness. Natural, fresh sour-sweet.

Okay tailored, hard shot down. Everything sounds in unison, not a single level, not a single note is out of the general context.

The flavor plays a little with different delicacies: either it presents peaches, or currants (although it is not declared), and sometimes it seems there is a melon there - and all this against the background of refreshing wine sourness.

A playful, customized feminine scent beyond age and context. This can be a shopping and wear, and in the theater. And on a 15-year-old girl I can imagine him, and on a lady of 60. In general, nivapros, as grit. It would be a life-affirming core inside :)


Season - any, clothes - any. Everyone wear and love life :)


The density is average, the loop is average, but noticeable. Persistence on hair - hours 5.

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