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Niche fragrance Languor In Passions | Edgardio Chilini

Languor In Passions

He is too special. Integral, voluminous, daring, bright, warm, fencing off the wall from the rest of the world. You seem to be pulling this scent; it takes you to a new level. He is wonderful in its essence, it is impossible to be in a bad mood with him, to doubt and stop dreaming. The loop comes in waves, very beautiful, long and different.

The melody of the aroma soothes and fascinates, but at the same time it gently disturbs, reminding of how rich our life is for sensations. How many attractive things in this world. Only four sides of the world, but how many faces.

It seems that some mysterious dark spirit or ghost has entered the room. I want to light candles and ask him about their fate. Even if it does not happen again - such moments are never forgotten.

Top notes:

rooibos, tobacco leaf, flower of fragrant tobacco, rum

Heart notes:

dried fruits, chocolate sponge cake, licorice root, cherry in brandy, cherry jam with bay leaf, honey, herbs drying in the sun, sweet cherries, gingerbread, propolis, camphor


Base notes:

tonka bean, clove, vanilla, wood

From reviews - lively reflections:

Languor In Passions tobacco is not too sweet - it looks like Tobacco Vanilla Tom Ford, but those who know the Ford fragrance well have complimented me and had more compliments. Nicely.


Languor In Passions also liked me more than he liked Tobacco Vanille, and again he, like that, is more friendly on the skin. But of course we still need to think about it. I have never Tobacco Vanille, just tried it.

Tatyana MT

Taiga novel by Sergey Karov. Languor in Passions

I want to continue the story about the aromas of Sergey Karov (Edgardio Chilini) with a composition with the very sonorous name Languor in Passions. But the first thing I did, tuning in to the post and sprinkling this aroma on myself, I went to cook my ear. Yes, that's the attitude he calls me. Let me explain why... This brutal aroma, in my opinion, about strong men and their male occupations, such as: hunting, hiking in the taiga, fishing, mountains... The first association I had was a wooden house-house among snow in the taiga, the stove is heated, the house is filled with the aromas of wood, resin, protruding from the heat on the surface of the walls, a kettle with herbal forest tea is smoking on the stove...

Wooden simple furniture, simple food, for example, the same ear cooked on the stove or on the fire in a smoked pot...

Severe male faces ... Guitar. The face of the hero Vysotsky from the movie Vertical appeared in the memory.

And, I must say, all the pictures in my head are not accidental ... this smell with a strange name for me, but the author, of course, knows better... just soaked with taiga romance. In its composition, among the many other components, we hear Rooibos, tobacco leaf, rum, licorice root, cherry jam with bay leaves (never ate it), herbs drying in the sun, cloves, wood, vanilla and propolis with camphor. Camphor is an unusual component for us, but if you remember that it is made from camphor laurel, then everything falls into place. In general, I should note that this is a very dangerous component for a perfume composition, because it combines little with anything. It sounds best with pine, vetiver, cypress, eucalyptus, sage. I think it was their very meaning that the creator meant under the note "herbs drying in the sun". But if camphor is well combined with the necessary components, then such a fragrance will give harmony and tranquility, adjusting to the same wave with nature. In any case, they write about camphor oil as a part of fragrant compositions.

And I can not disagree. I called here what I hear in this smell... Much of what is indicated in the pyramid somehow passed for me just as a background, not leaving a trace as an independent component.

The aroma is very atmospheric, cozy, like "a traveler's rest on a halt" after a multi-kilometer ski trip, difficult climbing or dangerous rafting on a mountain river, when he, for example, steamed in a bath with a fir twig, and sips taiga gulls (or something stronger)... I came to mind in connection with the words of many tourist songs...

Roll back, we survived again.

It means, today we are lucky with you,

You still have a smoke, I'll close the gap

And on the pole I will replace the feed paddle...


The skis at the stove stand,

The sunset goes out behind the mountain

The month ends March,

Soon we will go home ...

In general, something like that.

We know that often in such campaigns, men are accompanied by reliable fighting friends, to whom verses and songs are dedicated. Remember, at Vizbor:

All our meetings of separation, alas, are destined

Quiet and sad stream of amber pine.

The embers of the campfire ashed timidly.

That's all over, it's time to leave.

My sweetheart, the sun of the forest,

Where, in what areas will meet with you...

These are the harsh weekdays soaked in taiga romance. Probably, in these conditions, as is usually the case, all feelings are sharpened, and relationships seem more vivid... Taiga air, nature, with its beauties, snow, mountains, tall pines, makes you drunk...

There is a place here and passions, only without languor...

This seems to me this fragrance.

At the end of the story I want to say that this aroma turned out to be very high-quality, it absorbed the best notes of Kilian, Five O'Clock Au Gingembre, Intoxication and Fille en Aiguilles of Serge Lutens. In a word, beautiful niche. Perhaps he will like not only men, but also women. Only for women who are able to make a company to a man whose image I drew today... sort of modern Amazons

I recommend to the job!

M & B Miranda Beauty World

Fragrance unisex, suitable for both women and men. The composition is quite rich, sweet, I would even call it cloying. Steadfastly associated with cakes, pastries, biscuits and donuts)

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