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Niche fragrance Madness Of Blackcurrant | Edgardio Chilini

Madness Of Blackcurrant



Niche fragrance Madness of Blackcurrant tells the story of the life of the bush. In the spring, green leaves and buds appear, then the tart sweetness of the rind and juice of the berries gives us pleasure, and the composition of memories of blackcurrant jam completes the composition.

Imagine a hot summer garden, in one palm you have a huge handful of large freshly picked berries, the other you are picking up leaves from a bush. With bright refreshing sourness, the sweet berries split on the tongue, you, while continuing to collect leaves, touch the branches, and a light plume of greenery with the same juicy sour scent comes from the bush.

Delight and awakening from the first notes create an incredible mood of joy and cheerfulness.

A bit later, an oily aftertaste and a slight tartness open up. Gradually, with the departure of a slight bitterness, a certain creaminess appears. The base calms down, the harmony of light saltiness remains. This is a feeling of activity of movements and aspirations forward in a mood of eternal employment, which gives the wearer the pleasure of life.

Later berries say goodbye to us, leaving a hint of a subtle aftertaste. The fragrance seems to be masculine, the bouquet does not crush it, but there is already no previous enveloping delicacy in it. He becomes much more serious, but with the same enthusiasm and positive mood.

Top notes:

black currant leaves, black currant buds


Heart notes:

black currant peel


Base notes:

black currant juice

From reviews - lively reflections:


For some reason I see a man in a jogging years in the park in the morning. Despite the fact that I cannot call the fragrance of the age at all - it is understandable and simple in its bouquet. It does not make you gasp from the east, as it could be. But a picture like the same man with a gray hair beginning to show up at a fairly young age brushes drops of a drop from his forehead with a towel, stopping to greet friends with me for a moment, does not leave. And we in these seconds only pass by, noting the very vigor of the berry explosion in the base of stability and confidence in a good day.

Natalya Zurina

It feels like you are eating this currant, and not just sprinkling... No words. And not just eat berries, but with branches.

Posted by Telegram in @hab_tales

This time the pyramid is minimalist. Only black currant in all types and the point)) So it will sound. First of all, it is a thick, juicy currant. It is thickened and sweetened. This is not a bush, but rather something like jam, only in a good sense, as if freshly grated berries, without heat treatment. As such, there is no history behind them, this is a three-dimensional currant pattern. Very generous first couple of hours of sound, after which he gets bored and begins to fade. It is understandable, too long it is difficult to keep. If to compare with one of the reference currants in Vagabond, then this version seems more currant to me. In the base it goes linearly, does not change the sound, keeps thick sweet currants, adding a few heavy notes (patchouli felt, a few pitches). It also seemed to me that there is a rose and vanilla. The base is gradually softened and somewhat washed out, but in a good way, without losing its thickness. Again, comparing with the work of Duchofour, on me personally this fragrance sits longer and smoother, and there are more currants here. “Enchanted forest” on me very quickly falls into the base. Here, more transformations in the base, up to a light powder. The title is the fullest. In terms of durability, everything is also great, more than 10 hours. Gender is more female, although it may seem like a unisex start because of its fruitfulness. Perhaps he is not so bold in structure, but he more fully reveals the note of the currant, if you are looking for this particular note, and you want to extend it longer.


Dawn. The desire to enjoy the black currant berry awakened me. To say that the unbearably ironic grin currant bush swept a wave of juicy tart foliage emerald glow. Dew languidly shimmers and glows with the first highlights of the sparkling morning. The fine line of the peel, the summoning impulse and sparks of multicolored pleasure of taste TASTE, an indescribable fragrance to try and taste, every morning. Every day you dive into a new range of taste!

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