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Niche fragrance Mango Sorbet | Edgardio Chilini

Mango Sorbet

Your lips smell mango

Niche fragrance Mango Sorbet is a symbol of sweet enjoyment of juicy pulp of a fragrant fruit. Mango is a miracle of the tropics. A merry company of floral and fruit chords surrounds the central theme of mangoes, enhances and prolongs pleasure.

Has anyone counted kisses? Olya, Masha, Vera ... Yes, how many there were! I gave it to someone only once, and to others I devoted many years ... They say that a kiss is the unity of souls, but I cannot remember each. Although they became sparks of love, they were given according to the standard scheme, without thinking: he pulled his face closer, stretched his lips and BAM! - spark. Actually, I thought about it only the first time. Anya, Anya ...


Yellow dress, green eyes, light brown hair and a pleasant smell of mango. You looked at me and blushed, and I hid my gaze. We were only 5 years old and went to the same kindergarten. Then for me a kiss was a special sign of attention, which meant sympathy and gratitude. I really wanted to say thank you to the girl in this way, but we didn't play often and I couldn't understand what I wanted to thank her for. One day she fell ill and did not come to the garden. Several weeks passed in this way. When she returned, I could not restrain myself - I ran up to her and kissed her, feeling the very amazing smell of mango from her. She looked at me in surprise and blushed. I said thank you. When she asked "why", I replied - "because I did not get sick like you." And she gave me a smile.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Mango Sorbet by Edgardio Chilini is like a first kiss. It is exciting, bright, making your heart beat faster. But at the same time, it is delicate and leaves behind a sweet aftertaste.

Oriental, gourmet fragrance


Top notes:

mango, lychee, nectarine, apple, rhubarb


Heart notes:

petitrgain, grapes, peach, jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, peony, geranium, osmanthus, coriander


Base notes:

opoponax, musk

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