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Niche fragrance Caféier, Edgardio Chilini



Niche fragrance Cafeier (Coffee tree) - this is the maximum possible embodiment of the aroma of coffee, which was able to convey in the form of a perfume product. The aroma of coffee is one of the most pleasant aromas for a person. Those who value coffee as a drink were delighted to create a composition with the aroma of cold sweet Americano. Despite the richness of the shades of the aroma, there are limitations in the ability to convey the full range of aroma of coffee beans. Due to the instability of the most delicate, lightest and most pleasant aspects of the aroma, it is stored in a special way and it is recommended to grind it immediately before cooking.

Sweet, soft, warm, spicy, woody, resinous, aromatic, amber, vanilla, coffee, floral, musky fragrance

Top notes:

coffee flower, Arabica coffee, turmeric, cinnamon, rum, cardamom, Madagascar pepper, rosemary, raspberry

Heart notes:

Robusta coffee, coffee Kopi Luvak, coffee Jamaica Blue Mountain, coffee Jacques Bird, coffee Bat, coffee Hacienda la Esmeralda, geranium, saffron, incense, papyrus, rosewood, cumin, nutmeg, sage, coriander, licorice, rose, lily of the valley, neroli, iris, jasmine

Base notes:

sandalwood, cedar, cypress, vanilla, kashmeran, benzoin, guaiac, beans thin, patchouli, cetalox, cepetin, castoreum, amber, musk

фото Aleksandra Manukyan >

модель Ursula Kim >


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

From reviews - lively reflections:

Channel author in Telegram @hab_tales

For me, this is not the aroma of the coffee itself, but rather a coffee shop, since there is a lot of everything here. Mostly luck is that the start is very voluminous, not sweetened, airy and deep. In theory, one can say that the same Mugler has done a lot on this topic. But I haven’t met such surround sound with him yet. Therefore, if you like gourmet coffee theme, then there is every chance that this flavor will delight you.

It subsides in a couple of hours, but does not lose structure. It does not get softer. The strangest thing is that the heavy notes from the base on me never get bigger. Vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean, cashmeran, maybe a little woody notes. But not the same animal. Also floral notes. But this cooling down coffee house, which is probably late in the evening, everything is closed and the atmosphere disappears. Very persistent flavor, the base does not fall apart, the coffee here is gourmet, but not sweetened, does not stick together in a room. Very successful work, this is not a cup of coffee, but definitely a coffee shop. Maybe not hipster, only with black coffee and no sweets. It's all tastier and more relaxed. But this is a well-done gourmet coffee theme, similar to the handwriting of other works in this area of ​​the perfumer. And gender can even be unisex.


M&B Miranda Beauty World

The aroma is very invigorating, it is firmly associated with a cup of hot latte, the composition is very tasty, but it is not cloying due to the prevailing bitterness. It reminds me a bit of Montale coffee aroma in combination with chocolate, associated with a cake of dark chocolate brought from the very heart of Paris.

Really pleasant aroma, gives warm emotions and envelops in warmth. You only pay attention to the composition itself, how many different chords are in it)

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