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Niche fragrance Enfant terrible | Edgardio Chilini

Enfant terrible

I live as I want to


Niche fragrance Enfant terrible (Unbearable child) embodies the idea of ​​a clean view of life and the freedom to live as one wants. Children do not think about where to get the money for the toy, they just want it. The goal, highlighted by intention, attracts opportunities and means. Desires come true. It is easy to verify by writing a list and returning to it in a year. It turns out that everything was embodied.


A fresh fruit cloud of Enfant terrible aroma will give the owner and others a charge of optimism and good mood. Simple and tasteful aroma of your favorite fruit.


Fresh, bright, diffuse, sour, sweet, fruity fragrance.



Top notes:

lemon, nectarine, pink pepper, petitgrain


Heart notes:

peach, plum, blackcurrant, iris


Base notes:

vetiver, iso e super

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