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Enfant terrible

I live as I want to


Niche fragrance. The obnoxious child embodies the idea of ​​a pure outlook on life and the freedom to live as you like. Children do not think about where to get money for a toy, they just want it. The goal, highlighted by intention, attracts opportunities and means. Desires become reality. Easy to check by writing a list, and return to it in a year. It turns out that everything came true.


Enfant terrible fresh fruit cloud of aroma will give the owner and others a charge of optimism and good mood. Simple and tasteful flavor of your favorite fruit.


Fresh, bright, diffuse, sour, sweet, fruity

Top notes:

lemon, nectarine, pink pepper, petitgrain


Heart notes:

peach, plum, black currant, iris


Base notes:

vetiver, iso e super