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niche fragrance Bergamot Sorbet | Edgardio Chilini

Bergamot Sorbet


Niche fragrance Bergamot Sorbet is dedicated to the love of life. We come to this world and leave it alone. Everything else is temporary alliances worth enjoying. After all, the main meaning is in the very process of life.

It was a difficult parting - many years together, many pleasant moments and dear memories, there were quarrels, but also sweet reconciliation. It was a temporary alliance, but it was actually enjoyed by both. How many more such connections will there be - two, five or a dozen? And every time you discover something new, you recognize yourself and another person. But time passes and you realize that you are alone again, because in this life everything is arranged exactly in this way - we come into this world and leave it in solitude. The remaining moments throughout our life with a tart-floral lemon-orange scent are just an excuse to love life and fully enjoy each temporary alliance. After all, they allow you to feel all the delights of life, this citrus freshness of every moment with a pleasant aroma of bergamot.

Niche perfume Bergamot Sorbet is dedicated to the love of life. Each breath is like flashes in the memory of dear memories, but upon completion of which only a citrus, spicy and warm sillage will remain.

Citrus, fresh, woody, aromatic, spicy, warm fragrance.

Top notes:

bergamot, pepper, petitgrain

Heart notes:

cardamom, ginger, jasmine

Base notes:

cedar, sandalwood, oud, musk

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