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Niche fragrance Seaward Angel | Edgardio Chilini

Seaward Angel



Niche fragrance Seaward Angel created for Edgardio. The composition, one of the foundations of the foundation on which the concept of the Edgardio Chilini brand was built. Many liked the fragrance as a sign that the path was chosen correctly.

You can only love or hate him - there is no indifference.

You cannot meet him, but he is among us. The one that glides on the crest of a wave in the night ocean.

Possessing spiritual strength, he is called to invisibly help, a guiding light to inspire, leading to success.

Himself goes the hard way with a naive belief in magic, self-ironic and infinitely sexy.

Impeccable style in everything is so natural. It is impossible to comprehend, one can only believe.

Oriental, gourmet, herbal, sweet, spicy, woody, fruity, aromatic

Top notes:

lemon, bitter orange, galbanum, davana, rosemary, daphne, raspberries, melon, black currant

Heart notes:

geranium, mint, lavender, honey, peach, plum, chocolate, sage, wormwood, cloves, almonds, caramel

Base notes:

patchouli, leather, vanilla oakmoss, ambergris

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