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Niche fragrance The Great Gatsby, Edgardio Chilini

The Great Gatsby

The nobility, luxury, style, mystery, everyone's delight



Niche fragrance The Great Gatsby is a fantasy on the atmosphere and meaning of the work of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, a perfumery image of the beginning of the last century, embodied by modern means. A look from the future into the past - what could be a perfume, but it never was. The story of Gatsby is a parable about the prodigal children of the twentieth century and about what has not happened in their life.

Top notes:

tobacco flower, pepper, cocoa, saffron, cardamom, nutmeg

Heart notes:

iris, jasmine, rose, tuberose, orchid, ylang-ylang, clove, violet, tobacco, sage, coriander

Base notes:

vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean, sandalwood, cedar, labdanum, patchouli, leather, amber, musk


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

From reviews - lively reflections:

Posted by Telegram in @hab_tales:

The first 10 minutes he needs to give airing, he is heavy and muddled, but then finds his gourmet voice. For me, it is precisely this - caramel, dried fruit, flavored with cocoa light, dry tobacco. Surprisingly, the gourmet stage passes very quickly. Within 20 minutes woody notes, tobacco and spices play a big role. Floral notes are kept somewhere in the depths. He is surprisingly quiet and unobtrusive, although the first minutes seem deafening, but the opposite. That is, this is not Jay Gatsby's party, but some kind of melancholic waste from her. It smells of dessert, a little smoke, remnants of foreign spirits, maybe flowers where in vases in the background, already slightly wilted, very background leather of furniture. Only all this is aloof, melancholic. As if there is no pleasure now. Just a reminder of recent aspirations.

The fusion of woody and slightly sweet special notes is soft, slightly powdered. It is difficult to disassemble it into parts, I can immediately say that it does not have the usual oud, and the cashmere is not too active. The aroma is soft, rounded, slightly sweetened average depth and very stable in planting. In addition and unisex. He didn’t evoke bright emotions in me, rather played on the contrast with the title, giving melancholic disclosure, which is interestingly combined with the effect and meanings of the Fitzgerald novel. I don’t know if all this will help in terms of sales) Persistence without the slightest complaint, more than 12 hours.


Tatyana MT:

The second story was told to me by the scent of “The Great Gatsby” by Edgardio Chilini. It was created by the perfumer, about which I recently spoke - Sergey Karov.

The composition of this perfume is a lot of notes united by an iris: it is a flower of tobacco, and pepper, and neroli, and all kinds of flowers - from rose to cloves, and spices, and pitch, and skin, and patchouli, and wood, and vanilla. In composition, you can never imagine how close it smells. As the name suggests, this author’s perfume composition was inspired by the narration of the Great

Gatsby, whose image was beautifully embodied in the film by Leonardo DiCaprio. The beginning reminded me very much of Paus from Chanel - slightly powdery, slightly chocolate. You can clearly hear cocoa and spices, as if in front of you there is a cup of hot chocolate flavored with spices.

This fragrance is very multi-layered. It feels like there are flashbacks in front of you - memories, almost like in the plot of the film: the author recalls his most vivid meetings with Gatsby under different circumstances. This is the scene of their acquaintance, the numerous parties, the Gatsby gentle and devoted love story seen from the side, for which, in fact, he has become so popular, the inner sadness in his eyes, passing through all this tinsel, loud music and brilliance. .. The feeling that characters appear one after another, each with their own character and mood, and Gatsby either gives in to their palm, or pushes them off with their charm and charisma. And for this change of people and scenery, the smells that accompany them, you need to make out the very image of Gatsby, without masks, which symbolizes the iris.

Of course, that all the shades of flavor are very good, we see different images and states of Gatsby, behind which he hides the real one. He then embodies all respectability with the smell of patchouli and expensive wood, then he acts as a person - a holiday with bright smells of luxurious flowers and fruits, then becomes a gentle lover, enveloping sweet vanilla and spices ... The aroma is very ambiguous and unpredictable, you have to be good and rather long familiar with it, so that its manifestations seem to you no longer new. At first, I could never predict how he will appear today. But in the end I caught the bright sadness that is present in it all the time and appears only occasionally .... as in the Great Gatsby itself.

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