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Niche fragrance Chestnut Sorbet | Edgadio Chilini

Chestnut Sorbet

​Niche fragrance Chestnut Sorbet (Chestnut sorbet) - embodies a fantasy on the theme of the smells of others when visiting the Canary Islands. A luxurious vacation and immersion in the atmosphere of carelessness. A wave of the most delicate freshness and intoxicating sweetness. They are elusive, and at the same time clearly audible. This mixture excites and creates a mood. The subtle aroma of coolness and appetizing chestnuts do not allow each other to become "too". Such a duet creates a harmonious balance, which everything in nature strives for.


Fresh, sweet, nutty

Top notes:

orange, lemon, sage

Heart notes:

lotus, jasmine, lily of the valley, chestnut, cocoa, praline

Base notes:

vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, musk

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