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Niche fragrance Witch, Edgardio Chilini


For the strength to pay

Niche fragrance Witch is a dedication to choosing a life path in the life of everyone.

A warm breeze through the open window lets in the old hacienda tart flavors of spices from the neglected garden - cardamom, saffron and pepper in the top notes of perfume are surrounded by citrus freshness of bergamot and neroli, which carefully cultivates voodoo priestess. The full moon came out from behind the clouds, and this time an elderly black woman is determined to create nothing but as an elixir of eternal youth and enduring beauty. Rustling starched skirts of the white sewing rhythmically stamping his bare feet to the beat humming spells good witch picks his magical ceremony.


In the kitchen, where even during the day with the warmth and care Soothsayer masterly cooked for neighbor kids candy, melting sugar in a water bath, late at night, smoking a cigar, she prepares a love potion. And caramel-vanilla sweetness still Fleur are already beginning to be mixed with sage astringency and bitterness of tobacco, making the air enchantingly intoxicating. Under the low wooden ceiling, tied with lace braid dried bunches of herbs - sage, and angelica, and a thick cloud of sweet-tart from the wonderful aromas fill the entire space in a small room, making notes of perfume heart "witch."

To drug certainly worked, knowing a lot about seducing sorceress had prepared for him a secret base of aphrodisiacs - patchouli, vetiver and labdanum ... The reflection of the moon shimmers on the thick glass fancy bottles in which bottled magical broth. The vials were carefully arranged on the shelves of precious woods - agar, ebony, cashmere and sandalwood give the fragrance a solid foundation in the base notes of shamanic spirits. In closing the ceremony, giving it brew for all ingredients to the desired concentration, eternally young soul witch adds the amber and musk ... and witchcraft accomplished!​

While enjoying the aroma and awe striking this delicate elixir on the wrist in front of us is a slender long-haired beauty - the epitome of beauty and youth! That's hard to open the door and on the doorstep there love macho, and a lucky choice ... Just a few drops of perfume extract in the area of pulsating areas - and you're in a clan dedicated to the true magic of love!


VEZHGA - perfume expert; Anastasia Barroso - writer, image maker



Main accords:

musky, warm spicy, amber, aromatic

Top notes:

bergamot, cardamom, pepper, saffron, neroli

Heart notes:

sage, caramel, angelica, vanilla, tobacco

Base notes:

patchouli, vetiver, wood, agar, labdanum, cashmere wood, ebony, sandalwood, amber, musk

Angola (Bateau Ivre Rework By Pepe Bradock) - Cesaria Evora

Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

From reviews - live reflections:


The “Witch” turned out to be so kind and kind that I just want to embrace her like my own grandmother, who will bake pancakes for breakfast and tell you a bedtime story, certainly singing a sweet lullaby quietly. Here, even the most notorious Skoda turn into a share-child. And even if she smokes a pipe and does not give up positions with age, the creature with a gentle smile and a tender heart lies behind the colorful facade, besides it smells good.))


Nadezhda @fred_pechalnaya:

I miss the witch scent. I gave everything, I sit as if without hands as if such a feeling ... strange ...)


This witch does not seem to me a black woman. At once there were associations with something cold, caustic. In the image there is a shaman from the north, a gray, piercing gaze. And in the hut of her clay jars with herbs pounded into powder, sawdust on the floor, roots are dried under the stream. She probably smokes a pipe from the tobacco grown by her. For me, the scent is interesting, daytime, on a cold March day sounded quite loudly. But when the warm vanilla appeared warmer. In cold weather sounds more interesting.


Very urban witch turned out. I thought there would be something more forest, here the aroma is very collected, compressed, the start is very narrow, if I may say so. Not as usual, the whole pyramid immediately rattles, but first of all musk, tobacco and woody notes. They are slightly harsh, shaded by cold musk, with a slightly metallic tint, and with the addition of dry herbs - sage, angelica, a little saffron and black pepper. Tobacco here is also very dry and strong. There is no smoke, there is some causticity of general tonality. The fragrance is green in spirit, but not very friendly. Oud as such is not felt, rather, the Kashmeran gradually softens the severe start.


If at the start it is as if from the work of Nassomato, then it softens, becomes fragrant, or caramel and vanilla are finally included, but it becomes fuller and more complex. They will not smash his character in the base, flush into his heart, and after 5 hours they will begin to calm down, leaving the woody base with patchouli and the remnants of spices and herbs. I have a similar scent in my head (from a niche), but I never remembered. In any case, the work is interesting, with the disclosure, does not fall apart in the base, preserving the shades and depths. Resistance is very high, the loop is average, the notes and sounding more to the male. Purely feminine, I just can't hear it Start can frighten the severity, wait it out, give it a chance, then it will be deeper, more difficult and more comfortable.


Relationships with the brand are very difficult. The richest pyramids, very long descriptions. And the exhaust ... on me is not very. Do not blame, do not scold. But, apparently, the brand as a whole is not mine.


This fragrance is not witch and not magical. Closer to the classic sound. Not surprising, not intoxicating. Woods, vanilla, I feel brandy notes, balsamic. If you wish, knowing the pyramid, you can catch almost every note. Done well, but the legend does not match, for my taste. I probably expected too much...


Suitable in any situation. In the autumn, in the winter, in the evening-good. Associations with a walk in the park, with departure to a country house, with the evening by the fireplace with a glass of brandy or brandy. Suitable for velvet, for u, for wool-noble fabrics. For me, he is languid, painful, calming, some kind of feline. On the skin well revealed, beautiful. In general, I like it.


In general, it seems that these scents are the case when the description of marketers only hinders the perception of perfume. And so these floods about the long-haired beauty and macho-men, for whom is it at all? I only scare such associations.

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