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Niche fragrance Ego Baby | Edgardio Chilini

Ego Baby

​My pleasure. The rest is not important


Chocolate gourmet fragrance-provocation. Expensive sounding Ego Baby covers you with a cloud of beautiful life. It is created for a real lady. If you are on a diet but like chocolate - this fragrance is just a savior. It is not just sweet, it is exquisitely sweet but not cloying. Wearing this fragrance one wants to smile blissfully and swing in a chic rustling dress. It lays on your skin gently as if you are enveloped in pleasant sweetness. Dedicated to a woman-child - charming, playful and bright lady ... Let's play! I am Ego, You are Baby. Or vice versa?

Imagine the feeling when a waiter brings a small cup of hot chocolate with rum, so hot and malleable that you're afraid to burn the lips. When the chocolate 'explosion' calms down,  it seems that you are in an old pastry shop where chefs  bake Christmas cookies, adding spices, cocoa, and then dip cookies into a sugar syrup with honey, cinnamon and melted chocolate glaze, stirring it with ladles in old large vats.

Top notes:

rum, cocoa

Heart notes:

pepper, rose, dark chocolate



Base notes:

vanilla, sandalwood

From reviews - lively reflections:

Nadezhda @fred_pechalnaya>

“He sat at a small round table, sipping coffee, but I feel a little uncomfortable, because in this cafe it was impossible to smoke now ... Periodically, he had to run out into the street and shamefully pull expensive cigarettes in a special place. He let out a thick cloud of smoke, then pulled him back. This game liked him and allowed not to want to smoke longer.

He was waiting for her, and patience had already begun to come to an end.
He returned to the table and ordered another espresso and a glass of rum. Today he has the day off, you can afford a little pleasant relaxation from a small dose of strong alcohol.

Suddenly she appeared in the doorway, apparently she was out of breath, in a hurry. I ran to the bar, glanced at the illuminated shop window ... Cakes with berries and even striped eclairs covered with chocolate and milk icing, twisted golden croissants. But all this did not attract her attention for a long time. She busily shook her head, frowning even brows on the current fashion, and finally found him with a look. Somewhere behind him, as he chose a table by the window, parallel to the door. She smiled.

Then they laughed and ate ice cream. He chose vanilla, and she chose chocolate crumb in a swirled ball on a waffle cone. It was a bright moment of their life, they were real and felt life in all its colors.

It doesn’t matter that she was long and deeply married, and he was “rolling the field” today, and there tomorrow, and the work delayed him for a month in this city. They were happy only for a moment, a passing acquaintance, pleasant conversation and easy why not a flirtation, a cup of strong espresso and chocolate ice cream. The story ended just as suddenly as it began, but it remained in the composition of the Ego Baby fragrance."

Tried on friends, all as one say that Ego Baby emphasizes their self-confidence, causes the desire to like. I absolutely agree with this, since such aromas emphasize a playful mood, a desire to be feminine and seductive, I don’t think at all about work and serious things. Of course, this is not an everyday perfume, you can not wear it in the office or at work. For a walk, for a romantic date. For the mood, so as not to want sweet, if on a diet. By the way, you can taste it together with your partner - it reveals interestingly on men, they also talk about their attractiveness.>

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