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Niche fragrance Casta Diva | Edgardio Chilini

Casta Diva

The masterpiece of world music was inspired to create an aroma - cavatina “Casta Diva” from the opera “Norma” is perhaps the most famous and most complex opera aria of all time. She is an immortal symbol of not only sacrificial love, but also of high singing art. The libretto of "Norma" takes us around the 50th year BC to Gaul, seized by the Roman legions of Caesar.

The main characters are the high priest of the druids Orovezo, his daughter Norma, the high priestess and her secret husband, the Roman proconsul Pollio. Norma and Pollio have two children, but he is passionately in love with another, Adalzhizu, the virgin girl of the Druid temple.

The famous aria “Casta diva, che inargenti” (“O goddess, your gaze is clear”) sounds before the assembled druids. Norma begins with an appeal to the moon and a call for peace. Then, when the choir performs its warlike exclamations against the Romans, and she sings - sings, as if alone - about the love that she holds in her heart to Proconsul Pollione.

Chaste Virgin!
Silver you wonderful gaze
The age-old se boron is sacred.
Turn our face to us imperishable,
Clear light.
Chaste Virgin,
Tame the passions of burning,
And die ardor bold
On earth peace is blissful
As in the sky, settle.

Floral, fruity, sweet, green, fresh, woody, musky


Top notes:

marjoram, mandarin, green apple, passion fruit, cranberries, tea

Heart notes:

orange blossom, lily of the valley, peony, lily, water lily, jasmine

Base notes:

heliotrope, patchouli, rosewood, musk

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