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Niche fragrance Magisterium | Edgardio Chilini


Maybe it smells like this ...


The ultimate purpose of alchemy was to obtain the Magisterium - the Philosopher's Stone, a substance which is believed to help to receive immediately many benefactors but most importantly the immortality.


People who wear the fragrance Magisterium  never look back, they are full of ideas, creative energy and young at heart. If a trouble happens their passionate heart and the hot mind will always be with them. They will be the first to help you and  breath in you some fresh forces.

They will be very generous, passionate and full of ambitions. Attentive and gentle but at the same time a proud born freedom-fighter. They do not want to restrict their indomitable appetite and romantic love passion. With the external stiffness, their soul is still gentle and responsive.

Top notes:

cardamom, juniper fruits, birch leaves, lavender, mahogany, sage, bergamot


Heart notes:

water chord, coriander, geranium, may rose, delicate lily of the valley, jasmine, sweet honey


Base notes:

vetiver, white cedar, fragrant resin, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla

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