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Niche fragrance Boudoir noir, Edgardio Chilini

Boudoir Noir

The morning after the premiere

Niche fragrance Boudoir noir (Black Boudoir) is a dedication to the legendary actress Vivien Leigh.

Do you know the intoxicating feeling of anticipation of success - when the blood, so calmly flowing through the veins, suddenly begins to throb, throwing adrenaline into the heart? Edgardio Chilini singled out the quintessence of this sensation from precious ingredients by creating a new perfumery masterpiece - "Black Boudoir".


Between the heavy curtains in the room flowing milky light of day, fog overflowing over the crumpled black silk sheets, dropping frosty glow to the wall with a glass of mulled wine residues. In wine with berry aftertaste more recently dissolved ginger and cardamom - these powerful aphrodisiac mixed with black currant and raspberry overnight gave the actress forces, whose yesterday's exit was a resounding success... The top notes Boudoir Noir berries and spices excite the senses even better hot drink.


Half black room is literally buried in flowers, taken from admiring fans. Rose, jasmine, tuberose, iris and violet, and even a lily, narcissus, hyacinth, lily and daisy - evidence of the success of the Star, received from the hands of lovers of bankers and clerks bosses of show business and the poor students of theater ... All together they weave a wonderful bouquet of subtly-spiced and honey-sweet flavors, only slightly framed fresh accord of galbanum resin. Actress heart beats most of gratitude and admiration - these emotions give birth to the middle notes of the perfume itself.


 In the carved caskets of Atlas cedar and sandalwood glitter precious jewelry presented by an important admirer. The beauty sips the wine and the mysterious smile plays on her lips - only she knows who she was happy with a few hours ago. The buzz of applause makes the debutant’s head spin, she falls back onto the bed, gently gliding over the silk sheets keeping the scents of this night. Her frayed curls, smelling like vetiver, oak moss and musk, combine with the aromas of patchouli, civet and amber. Such are the sensual modulations in the base notes of Black Boudoir. + ​ Honey from the "heart" of this artistic fragrance melts on the lips - it will give a sweet aftertaste of victory. When you go to success, dressed in the luxury perfumes - you invariably accompanies the echo of applause, sounding after you!

VEZHGA - perfume expert; Anastasia Barroso - writer, image maker



Main accords:

woody, floral, patchouli, warm spicy, fruity, green

Top notes:

black currant, raspberry, ginger, cardamom

Heart notes:

rose, Bulgarian rose, galbanum, hyacinth, tuberose, orris root, honey, jasmine, ylang-ylang, chamomile, lily, narcissus, violet leaf, lily

Base notes:

vetiver, patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, civet, amber, musk, oak moss


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

From reviews - lively reflections:

“Black Boudoir” is fine and even silky. Here, probably, my distorted idea about this secret room, as about something more sinful, not to say, depraved, has its effect. Or maybe they simply rest in her and she does not at all serve as a lonely place for a young charming woman, from time to time practicing a connection with adultery? However, in my spoiled imagination, the pictures come the most that neither is voluminous, almost like 3D, with curtain weight not transmitting stray light from outside and only lit candles reflect the chamber situation, but something optional, but not drunk to the end rests on the bottom of the glass ... I also want something of an animal, such as civet, maybe beaver jets, in general, I don’t know, but I don’t have enough body, even, perhaps, its intercourse with other (hot) and (i) body (s). The topic itself is beautiful, but when there are such patterns as, for example, Boudoir from Vivienne Westwood, you want a more tangible and warm / IMHO /. Do you understand!?)))


Nadezhda @fred_pechalnaya:

Did you do the Boudoir, but once again the money spirits came out I left the house, I was standing at the bus stop. The car passes twice and the man waves his hand to me, they say. I'm kind of not wearing a skirt even.



For me, Boudoir Noir is the scent of heavy curtains, silk dresses and "Louboutin" on a huge stiletto. This is when you need to shine in everything. Aroma on the way out. Can strangle others. I'm fine. I put only on hair. Otherwise bust. All three want.

Diana Olegovna:

Boudoir Noir - exotic in a bottle. It appears hot Africa, turned dark figures, shiny skin, smoking mysterious incense. It smells of jungle and wild beasts, delicate bracelets made of mahogany, a kind of fragrant mixture that mulattos rub into delicate skin. This is really a "black" perfume: there is a mystery in it, and not everyone can solve it. Shaman some smell, witch, my.

M & B Miranda Beauty World

Very sharp fragrance, saturated, oriental, suitable only for a specific celebration, and only for the evening. Again, this composition is not at all mine, it seemed to me much more cloying in comparison with the previous one.


Beautiful fragrance. Classical. For me here is patchouli with currants, but not berries, but leaves, young greens that have just blossomed. It opens all the time while sitting on the skin. After the currant comes soft wood, shades of moss (not the bitterness that often accompanies it). And in the base of tuberose, flowers. Resistance for half a day is provided. I can not hear fruit. Very decent


A mixture of the classic women's fragrance theme (narcissus, hyacinth, rose, galbanum, a bit of mossiness) is mixed with a slightly brighter fruit start, where delicate raspberries and currants sit. He plays with these facets, showing that one part to a greater degree, then another. Perhaps the idea itself may seem too redundant, as if there are two flavors in one, perhaps the connoisseurs of these genres in their pure form may be surprised by such a layering. Over time, the classics, and even with the support of civet and woody notes, still win the decoration at the start and go in that direction. Even the colors are not so much after 4-5 hours, but neat dissolved animalistic accords is almost the main note. She will remain in it for a very long time.

The base is incredibly tenacious, match up some spirits, more than 12 hours. Brightly vintage it can not be called, you can hear that they have muffled it, it has been brushed to date, but the construction itself, the backbone of everything is well shown.

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