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50 Shades of You

One fragrance - two reflections


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

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Everyone has their own natural odor

There's no getting around it. From the sounds of your skin a pleasant aroma that pleases and excites surrounding men and women. It is more interesting than just perfume. Tested.


Sergey Karov, designer fragrances



How many different, contradictory impressions of  perfume!

For some it's a fragrance for mature ladies, for someone girlish. For someone - totally male


The essence of the fragrance - love

It is comprehensive and has no sex differences. Love is unconditional. A thin, invisible thread fragrance of love flowing quite close above the skin.And for the finale, when it seems that the performances and games are over real unconditional love remains the same and sounds, getting into our very essence.

One fragrance - two reflections

The original molecular structure allows the fragrance to react to male and female skin in different ways.

It's amazing, but the women's skin takes fragrance, reflecting the tenderness and femininity. Slightly sweetish hints attract and intrigue.


At the same male skin, especially on hot or hairy, spicy fragrance erupts flames emphasizes masculinity, almost losing sweetness, openly demonstrating passion and vigor.


It's like men fragrance on the skin of women, or vice versa, when the passion unites.


Juicy cherries, keeps his treasure - a bone core fragrance which embodies the theme of "forbidden fruit."


Aphrodisiac - a rich musky base, not in a hurry, extends the pleasure spreads on the skin flawless finish: sweet, woody, resinous, vanilla, creamy.

Perfume, like a book or a film about love

Unconditional Love conquers mutual lack of seriousness in the relationship and gives bliss. Fragrance also implies to his serious attitude and does not remain in debt.

Someone expects the fragrance of provocation

He must from the first notes put on the blades and evoke thoughts of games with the pain. But there is no vice. There is a certain game tart cherry stone shades with almonds on the sweet background, but not skin or rubber, or oud not.

Fragrance characteristics according to independent tasters

"This fragrance is worthy to sochmenli myths about it!"


On women - very feminine, and the man, though not certainly brutal, but it sounds quite masculine, attractive.


Mesmerizing, relaxing, mesmerizing. He is a very solid, no nonsense. Astringency resins, pleasant sweetness, absolutely not cloying, and the cherry-almond bitterness.


It would be desirable to wrap as a warm sweater. So beautiful shimmering, impossible to put down ... Very delicate, Eastern gourmet with his style.

Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, orange, lavender, pepper, tarragon, clary sage, anise, almonds, olibanum, green cardamom


Heart notes: neroli, coriander, cinnamon, violet, rosewood, jasmine, rose, geranium, coumarin, iris, tobacco, rosemary, basil, lily of the valley, brown sugar


Base notes: white cedar, vanilla, benzoin, sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, musk, oak moss

From reviews - live reflections:

Liana about 50 Shades Of You


"50 Shades" surprising disclosure. And pluuuuume))) I do not know why already recorded in red))



About "50 Shades Of You", just amazing! Reviews of people about this fragrance much more enthusiastic than. I can not imagine. On enjoy, even in a blind test without a catchy name. A trail is really very nice and gentle. This fragrance has gone bright metamorphosis when he sounds the women's skin gently and kindly, and the male, especially a hot start to burn bright aromatic flame.

Sexually liberated, wonderful spicy oriental fragrance warming

Oriental fragrance is revealed in all its elegance and beauty, no sharp edges, harmonious fusion east comfortable and confident, very inspiring.


Originally feel tarragon bitter almonds. My childhood was associated with tarragon something medieval, or rather ancient. This tart trail gradually becomes a sweet enveloping cocoon, but not banal sugar, and a little flavored and spicy, and then remains forever in the memory of cedar and vanilla fragrance of wood tar.


Irish Cream with a bit of sugar cake with hot chocolate inside. Delicious perfume :). Not for the office, not for negotiation, in my opinion, because too good and imposingly for these purposes - relaxing and adjusts to the idea of ​​self-indulgence. Exclusively for a pleasant stay.

Director: Álvaro de la Herrán

Original music and sounds: Your Nemesis

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