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Niche fragrance Kenya, Edgardio Chilini


The triumph of the dried flora


Niche fragrance Kenya is a composition that conveys the feeling of immersion in an exotic nature.

A hot summer day, enclosed in a vial. The middle of summer, the grass warmed by the sun - and the air, almost motionless, filled with a spicy aroma. Dust, hot air, scanty half-dry greens, bitterness in the air and complete absence of sweetness. Aroma-landscape, unfolding a picture of travel on the sun-scorched steppe or savannah.


"The quiet rustling of the wind and the heat sank the soul into oblivion: slowly the thoughts were flowing, slowly changing one another, the pictures of ancient times passed in memory - ancient peoples, tribes, individual people walked long... As if from the past, from the past, a huge river of changing every second of events, persons and clothes. "Such images give rise to fragrance, and they come from the pages of the "Andromeda Nebula" by Ivan Efremov.

An amazing picture opens: the colors come to life, swooping on each other, mixing and giving a strange sensation that the nose has caught the whiff of the steppe wind, dry, tart, smelling of distance from the distance the smell of freedom.


The aroma is not so much "woody" as "shrub": the smell of drying bushes under a bright summer sun, with spiny twigs and rare green leaves. To the warmth of the heated, shriveled branches, a distinct smell of earth and a taste of dust is added. The aroma is full of resinous woody notes, but the tar is delicate: it does not suffocate with bitterness and incense. calm, cheerful and do not pretend to anything: neither to death of all life, nor to tearing, drama or pathos.


Those herbs that give the flavor a shape, grew without outside help, without unnecessary courtship from the person, and survived only the most persistent, seasoned in the tireless struggle with wind and heat, cold and rain. They raised their stems only higher and reached for the sun, equally warming the strong and the weak.


The fragrance sings the hymn with an unbroken and persistent spirit. Wild grasses gained strength and fragrance with honey bitterness, dryish spicy astringency and intensified with flower games. The thick and lingering scent over which the green galbanum scraps, subsides, leaving an aftertaste of alcohol with a weary ambergris. Very handsome and aristocratic, despite the wild-steppe dances.



Top notes:

cinnamon, cloves

Heart notes:

cumin, jasmine, incense, geranium, honey, nutmeg, galbanum

Base notes:

guaiac tree, vetiver, sandalwood, mahogany, styrax, amber, oakmoss

photo: Marnus Meyer Photography >

model: Lushwill Rossouw >


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

From reviews - lively reflections:


Good afternoon, Sergey! Received a package-thank you, I will experience the contents! :) Kenya-intoxicating, in a good sense of fragrance.

Posted by Telegram in @hab_tales:

The name refers to Africa, but the structure itself is very European. I want to characterize the start as a spicy wine glass, with development towards the European east. Let there be enough cinnamon and cloves with nutmeg, but geranium, galbanum and woody notes, coupled with recognizable male musk, create a very nice rethinking of male classics. Aromatic, woody-spice most of life. I really liked its fragrance. Soft woody notes (I hear more sandalwood than vetiver), some honey with spices, an excellent balance of sweetness and specialty. This is exactly the classic European style of men's perfumes. Only heard modern components, more rounded and thin. Therefore, this is not real Kenya for me, but a story about it, somewhere in Europe, as an exotic journey, at a safe distance. Souvenirs and photos, no more))

The only thing I can complain about is the volume. I would like a little louder. And in terms of resistance without problems, more than 12 hours. I was bribed by its softness and delicacy. Excellent adaptation of classic male patterns.

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