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Niche fragrance Markalen | Edgardio Chilini



She is:

“I felt good and bad. I slowed down and hurried. I didn't know what to do? How do i live I had no luck. My life was derailed, as in slow motion. The pain was getting stronger. I had to find meaning to live. I wanted to give the love that is in me, the only beloved. I could not calm down. I did not want to do anything to say or even eat. I was too lonely, I didn't have the strength. Depression progressed. It all did not give a damn. It caused such unbearable pain, burned from the inside. I was on the limit and crying from the smallest detail. I hoped and felt that I was waiting for a happy future. It continued in a dream, but I woke up, realizing that something was wrong, but I want to find the light, I feel that I need to find the answer to stop my search and suffering. I want to be happy with you, but I don’t understand, maybe I’m doing something wrong, not looking there? ”


Is he:

“I was looking for you everywhere. In cold evenings, wandered around the city, like a ghost. Peering into the faces of passers-by. Tried to recognize your eyes in them. Maybe it's you, or this face... I almost lost my mind. Everything happened by chance. The moment has come! You came into my life like light. Healed the wounds of my heart. It made me feel alive again. Thank you!"


Mutual love.

Unexpectedly, an interesting person, who created the effect of a “good tornado,” Mark decided to please his girlfriend Alena and order a scent for her. She is a talented makeup artist and beautiful girl. Our acquaintance inspired to create a bright and deep composition with solo honeysuckle on a rich floral and fruit background. The names of these people became the title in the flavor.

Top notes:

orange blossom, bergamot, lemon, mandarin, kiwi, watermelon plum, peach, blackcurrant, Madagascar pink pepper, rhubarb, truffle

Heart notes:

honeysuckle, lotus, mahogany, coriander, tuberose, orchid, heliotrope, jasmine, gardenia, ylang-ylang, cyclamen

Base notes:

dark chocolate, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar, Chinese lemon tree, tonka bean, vetiver, patchouli leaf, incense, musk, amber

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