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Niche fragrance Frida, Edgardio Chilini



Niche fragrance Frida is dedicated to a film about the life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Salma Hayek managed to convey the character of the heroine, her amazing, memorable glance evaluating, passionate, drilling and passing a verdict. The actress found herself in common with Frida features, honesty, integrity, wisdom, decency, integrity, understanding of the deep connection of all phenomena and attitude to life. In any outstanding person there is something more than himself and even his talent - a reflection of his time, epoch, spirit and culture. The essence of what Frida Kahlo’s whole life and work consisted of was constant pain. The creation of the fragrance was an attempt to reflect the different facets of the image of Frida in the composition, built around the rose, in all its feminine versatility.

Oriental, floral, aldehyde, pink, woody, vanilla, white-flowered balsamic, powdery, musky


Top notes:

aldehydes, pink pepper, blackberry, tequila

Heart notes:

rose, orange blossom, jasmine, angelica, peony, lily of the valley, saffron,


Base notes:

fir resin, white cedar, vanilla, tobacco, tonka bean, sandalwood, amber, musk


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

From reviews - lively reflections:



This fragrance is about a rose. In general, I have a cautious attitude to scents with a rose, very often they are either candied to the limit, or suffocating, like dusty velvet curtains. Therefore, if I look at a perfume with a rose, I prefer the May rose (it is also Centifolia), which has a fresh scent similar to the scent of a wild rose. However, in Frida, the Damascus rose, the very real sweet and tart ... But not quite suffocating.


Frida Kahlo - charisma, drive, tragedy. And also - an endless source of inspiration for artists. About her write pictures, make films and... create perfume. At the exhibition of Russian perfumery on October 21 there were already two Fridas at once.

Sergey Karov, the creator of the fragrance, said he wanted to create a tragic rose. I can’t hear the tragedy here. However, the rose here is minor, powerful and calm, smooth, tart and cool at the same time. Deep, velvet, red-violet. Red rose in deep blue twilight. When there is silence around and cool, and the rose breathes sweetness and tartness through a moist refreshing mist. Here is a rose, as I imagine it ...

It starts a little abruptly and alcoholically, but literally in 10 minutes it moves on to the main topic and lasts forever. The rose is heard immediately and to the end. At first, her sweetness is balanced by notes of blackberry and alcohol, and then from the very bottom, from the base, spruce resin, cedar and musk give a long deep cool note (even balsamic) that takes the scent from velvet canopies and boudoir to a minor twilight theme. And the rose becomes smooth and deeply exciting.

In my opinion - one of the best fragrances in Edgardio Chilini and in general scents about the rose. The aroma is thick and bright, but not heavy, it does not stifle. Active but not expansive. Very plume and resistant. During the day I do not update and the next morning I hear on myself. The fragrance is exclusively feminine, refined, strong, deep, even intellectual. Not theatrical (although it is quite possible in the theater) and not overly feminine. I don’t feel any particular limitations on age, but rather on the character. I don’t imagine it in a cozy fluffy laughter baking buns. There must be some kind of drama inside, even if not a tragedy.

The season is perfect for the fall, good for the winter. I can also imagine him in the early avitaminosis spring, but the later one will be too dramatic. Summer is possible as evening. A beautiful rose, a beautiful one ... I didn’t even think that I would say that once.


Frida Edgardio Chilini - прекрасные альдегиды и роза, потом аромат становится более однородным, тёплым, пудровым. Очень понравился. Мой первый опыт с сочетанием роз и альдегидов был и ароматом Killing Me Slowly by Killian, и его я до сих пор боюсь, а здесь это сочетание меня очаровало, оно кажется классическим, винтажным, строгим и женственным.

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