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Niche fragrance Hype Hive Edgardio Chilini

Hype Hive

The Hustle or the Hype Hive


Everyone is faced with a situation when they enter a new community where everyone is doing their own thing, but when a new character appears, everyone begins to perform their characteristic social roles, like a beehive.

The upper management is in the shadows and observes the spectacle. Combatant, aggressive alphas go on the attack. The others, demonstrating commitment to the community, either keep silent so as not to become targets, or try to take part in harassing the new target of their choice, to the best of their natural capacity for courage and intelligence.

When the spectacle of life reaches a climax, and passions are heated to the limit, and the new target persona has marked its level in the hierarchy, the leadership makes a discreet gesture to the alphas, and everything comes to an end in the blink of an eye.

The niche fragrance, Hype Hive, behaves according to the laws of the genre. Beginning with calm chords, it gradually becomes brighter and reaches its climax, leaving behind memories of a storm of passion.



Top notes:

Mandarin, pear, blackberry, peach, plum


Heart notes:

Honey, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, magnolia, orchid


Base notes:

Cedar, tobacco, vanilla, tar, amber, musk

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