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My name is Sergey. I create aromatic compositions for the Edgardio Chilini brand and personal fragrances for customers.


It all started with the creation of the fragrance as a gift to the loved ones. They were followed by fragrances, as a gift for friends and their friends. Engaged in aroma field for about 15 years, I enjoy to help you pick up the fragrance as well as a gift to create the image to dazzle.

Photo: Pavel Medzyun

I have realized for myself that inventing scents is same the writing poetry or composing music, this is my dedication, my life path, and listening to the voice of the soul. While selecting the aromas or desgning personal composition, it crucial to have with felling in my heart. The soul always knows the right answers to all questions.


I have created the main collection of flavors by topic, from which you can choose the aroma to taste. I whoud love to help you with my advice and recommendation for free. The choice of the aroma the feets you the best is very personal and difficult, but no worries. There are no unsolvable tasks, and you can even pick up a fragrance for a gift, for which they will be grateful.

You can order the individual fragrances for yourself or as an unusual gift. Let yourself get familiar with my fragrances to enjoy the right choice.


Spirits are magic elixirs. If you put a particle of the soul into them, I believe that they will live a long life, not sour, but develop, grow, like expensive vintage alcoholic beverages. Beautifully aging, noble aromas, acquire even more softness sound and develop complexity and versatility.


Most of the aromas made in small amounts and are unique, like a certain crop of wine grape, because even if the aroma is mixed anew according to the recipe, by the time of infusion and ripening, the new one will not overtake the previous one. In addition, at different times, the components may have different properties and shades of flavor. Therefore, each bottle of flavor can be considered unique and inimitable.

I can buy already made fragrances or order a personal perfume. All aromas are completed with a branded gift boxes and package. I address a particle of warmth with each bottle.

Let me offer you my PERSONAL PERSONAL WARRANTY FOR RETURN OR EXCHANGE for the aroma that delights you.

Fragments of programs on the channel Ren and Moscow Trust with my participation.

Participation in the competition
The Art and Olfaction Awards

The annual International Art and Olfaction Awards was created to honor the creativity, innovation and outstanding skills of independent and famous perfume brands. The prize is awarded in two categories. The first award ceremony was held in Los Angeles on April 25, 2014. Focusing on indie and artisanal perfume, the Art and Olfaction Awards hopes to support independent perfume around the world.

Art & Olfaction Awards is a kind of alternative to the FiFi Indie Award competition, and aims to draw attention to the work of the independent segment of the perfume industry, where, by the way, all the most interesting things happen in perfumery now.


From the brand Edgardio Chilini participated flavors:

Le Bois de Boulogne> and Quantum Of Solace,

And from the brand Julian Jones:

fragrance of the same name Julian Jones.


The Artisan Perfume House category (Artisan Perfume House) was defined by the Art and Olfaction Awards as "a business led by a perfumer who independently and personally creates fragrances and controls all aspects of production and marketing."

The process of creating fragrances

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