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Mars | Edgardio Chilini


AlchemyLab Edgardio Chilini for Oleg



A difficult story of the birth of a fragrance, after eight options. The main thing in it is that the final version pleased Oleg. To make an aroma in which there should be no citruses, flowers, fruits, sea, gourmet notes, sweets and vintage ... The range of possible components has narrowed to synthetic freshness, herbs and light versions of spices. It was especially nice to know that in fact, Oleg does not like perfumery and uses it when necessary. The more valuable the praise.

Mars. He is always the first. He is the one who acts and achieves. The features of its owner were embodied in the aroma: great will, energy, active aspiration, courage, determination. Having a strong personal energy, he knows how to control himself, achieving his inner world self-expression.

Top notes:

freshly cut grass, basil, guava, anise, caraway seeds


Heart notes:

nutmeg, clary sage, cloves, white lily, cinnamon, lavender, galbanum, thyme, rosemary


Base notes:

white cedar, sandalwood, cashmere, costus, vanilla, musk, oak moss

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