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Niche fragrance Concordia Maxima | Edgardio Chilini

Concordia Maxima

Maximum harmony
In tune with themselves and the world


Have you ever boiled cherry jam? Soothing process when jam boils on slow fire, and you can calmly think about life, its meaning, how important it is to be yourself, to follow the dream at the call of the heart, to create the world beautifully and responsibly. Accidentally, when creating a composition, a chord appeared that resembled the aroma and taste of cherry jam. The thin, elusive edge of maximum harmony, as a state of peace and moments of happiness, disappears and reappears.


Top notes:

Dominican orange rum, mandarin, grapefruit, green ivy, tea leaves, pepper

Heart notes:

Indian spices, Peruvian balsam, dried fruits, tiare, jasmine

Base notes:

Udi wood, vetiver, patchouli, white cedar

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