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Edgardio Chilini cелективная парфюмерия и персональные ароматы на заказ в Москве


AlchemyLab Edgardio Chilini for Natalia



She is natural, free, character is lively, restless, freedom-loving and independent, sentimental. This will not say about every woman. To her to become and flavor, reflected the image. Natural shades make it possible to enjoy the fullness of life and remind us of our communion with nature.

Top notes:

Dominican orange rum, sea water, bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin, melon, plum, pear, green apple, apricot, orange blossom, peach, rosewood, cardamom

Heart notes:

jasmine, pepper, rose, lily, carnation, cyclamen, osmanthus, iris, pink pepper, turkish rose, bulgarian rose, magnolia, cinnamon, heliotrope, coconut, lavender

Base notes:

patchouli, white cedar, labdanum, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, amber, musk, oak moss