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Niche fragrance Linden Ice Tea | Edgario Chilini

Linden Ice Tea

Natural and fresh



The middle of the summer. It is nicely cool in a shady lime park. The feeling of irrevocably gone childhood, summer heat, sun, tree-lined paths and honey. I want to breathe in a delicate flavor. It is impossible to return in those days again but miracles happen. The fragrance creates an image of those happy moments. It is hard to believe. Is it the  aroma that is calling me again and again? Maybe this is just a dream. Even if so, if you see a linden tree in a dream it is a harbinger of good events.


In Old East Slavic area linden tree was a symbol of the goddess of love and beauty Lada. Girls danced around old lime trees.This dance had a secret meaning which is easy to guess.


In Europe linden trees were not only planted close to a house as a guardian but their branches were hung above the door protecting the house from the dark forces.


Linden tree symbolizes friendship that is why conversations under its crown are so heartfelt. Druids used linden in spells for happiness and good luck. No wonder that magicians so often used this tree. They made staves which protected them against the negative influence as well as love charms.

The average high age of linden trees shows natural resistance and energy potential.


Indeed, linden trees attract positive energy as healers and energy donors. No wonder that people always say that linden gives strength and health and so it heals malaise and fatigue.

Such an interesting flavor as the smell of linden flowers can not be passed by. I  decided to create a composition where linden will show all the shades of its reach flavor like a diamond in a decent frame of fine herbs and spices and will dance with the top notes giving some tonic freshness.


Going to the cordially warm heart notes   it reflects the rays of sun. And when the dance is close to its end, deep and gentle accompaniment does not allow to forget this happiness.

It's nice to awaken good memories, it is like looking again at the photos of happy times. Let it happen more often!

Top notes:

coriander, cypress, mandarin, yuzu, lemon verbena, sage, bergamot, tarragon, lemon, aroma of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice


Heart notes:

linden flowers, peach, nutmeg, rezeda, ceylon cinnamon, bourbon geranium, saffron, lily of the valley, blue lotus


Base notes:

vetiver with tahiti, musk, sandalwood, cedar

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