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Niche fragrance Tar Cuir de Russie, Edgardio Chilini

Tar Cuir de Russie

Attribute accompanying the status

Niche fragrance Tar Cuir de Russie (Tar Russian Leather) is a fragrance on tar skin as a reminder of the legendary fragrance Cuir de Russie, Private Collection, Creed.

The scent of leather is an accessory for a certain status. Trim of expensive cars, purses, bags and other leather accessories that are accompanied with a recognizable flavor. Premium class products, which only a few of us can afford, please their owners with a delicate, refined aroma of power and money. Now, this fragrance can be enhanced.


While creating the fragrance we used the old recipes for a true leather aroma. Like Madeira winemaking involves heating the wine up for an extended period of time, the making of the perfume requires a long-time soaking. It gives the fragrance strength and a unique sound. The components that tend to oxidize disappear. The ones which went into a reaction and stayed to create new ones, will delight you with their strength and uniqueness. Thank this technology, an elusive 'spirit of vintage' arises there. It pleases with its nobility.


Sophisticated connoisseurs will appreciate the paradoxical and classical simplicity of the composition of the fragrance pyramid. At the same time, one can enjoy the beauty and diversity of natural ingredients. They have greatly enriched the composition and gave it aristocracy and nobility.


Top notes:

bergamot, lemon

Heart notes:

neroli, birch tar

Base notes: 

leather, sandalwood, styrax, amber

photo: Vladomir Gorokhov >

model: Vladomir Gorokhov >


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

From reviews - lively reflections:



I have a complicated relationship with perfumes... I myself do not fully understand the reason. I don't like a lot of things. But if the perfume lay on the soul, then I fit into it and wear it to the holes. So it was with the aroma of tar cuir de russie. From the first half-breath, he fell in love with me. He became for me not just a perfume, but my second skin. In it, and the high cost, and luxury, and sex, and depraved sweetness. For me personally, this is all very, very comfortable. And cozy, even in the heat. Resistance is still excellent straight from bathing to bathing, and it will probably smell sweet on fur until next season, probably.


@jonny_brown_eyes> o Tar Cuir de Russie

I doused tar cuir, first impressions, woody leather, aromatic, but not dense, light and transparent with a slight touch of vintage sound, the whole composition is very good, it sounds smooth, slightly rounded, does not fall apart.


The fragrance was revealed to have light tar notes not daring, but there is a vintage sound has become more pronounced. My theme!


Posted by Telegram in @hab_tales

The name fully corresponds to the content. This is smoky tar skin in Russian style. But unlike many classical patterns, there is no flower block in it. In general, the start is generally quite technologically advanced and masculine, as citruses give it freshness and form a cool and ascetic sound. Do not think that he will be so until the end. This is just the beginning. Pitches and sandalwood still say their business, complementing the chord of the skin, making it warmer a little sweeter. This will change the loop, make it more understandable and unisex. It is not as smoky as there are tar skins, shaded in a very cozy and attractive base. Believe me, even if you are not very comfortable start, it is worth listening to. Well, if you like the "Russian Leather" subgenre at all. Resistance is high, will be over in 12 hours. The train is rather average, rather thin and not suffocating. The fragrance turned out with a slight bow in the direction of vintage compositions, but about today, it is well heard in the database, where the skin is not allowed to disperse, removing it from the soft barrier of tar. Loved it, great fragrance.

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