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Niche fragrance Golden Light | Edgadio Chilini

Golden Light

by Natalia Conf

The fragrance of the weekend. Bright and juicy, bold and cheerful. First, a ripe pear is captured, delicious to the point of insanity, a citrus accord loaf, a ripe velvety peach and a large plum are driven around it. Then it's even more interesting - a floral bouquet bursts in, but not the usual understanding of florality (it does not smell specifically of flowers), an experienced nose will be able to highlight the presence of everyone, but in general this fragrance is so whole, nothing superfluous and pretentious, you have definitely not met such a tuberose yet! Not even for tuberose lovers - take more)). The train is wavy and playful, with echoes of a hearty loaf/


Top notes:

orange, pear, peach, cardamom, plum, hibiscus


Heart Notes:

tuberose, lily of the valley, rose, freesia, jasmine, orchid, heliotrope


Base notes:

vanilla, benzoin cedar, sandalwood, musk

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