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Niche fragrance Rose Tea Jam | Edgardio Chilini

Rose Tea Jam 

Rose petal jam

Summer noon in captivity at the rose. Hot August afternoon. Time to harvest and collect flowers. Fragrant haze floats above flower gardens. It's time to collect the ripe buds and get a drop of elixir from a ton. The sun burns the backs of female workers in straw hats, carefully cutting off each bud, taking care not to damage the petals. Flowers are poured on the stone floor and gently turned over so that the lower buds do not suffocate under the weight of the upper ones. Then they are taken to a mysterious alchemical laboratory and they get a pink oil elixir, a drop of which, immersed in water, can wake up memories of summer, a hot afternoon and rose gardens...


The wind slightly curls the light curtain on the open window... cold air penetrates into the room... and on the table is a bellied glass filled with sky-burning brownish drink, a bottle of perfume and a vase with fragrant rose petal jam in sugar syrup.

The fragrance of caramel accord, notes of Turkish and tea rose alluring and daring at the beginning, appetizing the lover of sweets... Then a bursting avalanche of rose petals from a wicker basket, but caught in a sweet sugar syrup. The base has interwoven notes of sandalwood, amber, musk, giving the sharpness and complexity of sound and stability of the composition.


Copywriting: Nadezhda @fred_pechalnaya


Top notes:

cane sugar syrup



Heart notes:

caramel, tea rose, turkish rose



Base notes:

sandalwood, amber, musk

Strawberry Ecstasy Edgardio Chilini

Rose Tea Jam

room spray

Pink home spray

The fragrance creates indoor.atmosphere, reminiscent of the plantation of roses during the flowering period.

photo: Alya Deko>

From reviews - lively reflections:


Nadezhda @fred_pechalnaya:>

Rose Tea Jam. Interesting and tasty truth. Gourmet such.


Finally, the review is ready for Rose Tea Jam)
By the way dragged him along with Languor In Passions>

Yesterday's perfume meeting devoted to LM Parfums and my subscriber Evgenia Markova rated both fragrances higher than LM Parfums proper) I agree with her on this issue.

The fragrance is interesting and I, as a big lover of rose petal jam, was very much looking forward to seeing him.

But I can say with confidence that neither cane sugar, nor jam, nor caramel feel in it.

For me, this fragrance consists of intertwining components of taif luxury roses in the spirit of Arabic fragrances and very sweet slightly tart flower honey that I love in the scents of Botritys Ginestet, Parfumerie Generale Mio Bjao.

The rose is unusual in that from time to time it shows its fresh whiffs on the skin, although it mostly sounds thick, velvety and languid, as befits the queen of flowers.

Honey in its fragrant pattern does not change and clings tenaciously to the skin.

Even not my hot skin Rose Tea Jam is a very resistant composition that does not fly away even after 7 hours - I am surprised at this turn.

If you are looking for exactly rose petal jam, then this is not it. But if you are a fan of hot and rich honey

oriental compositions with a purple rose and honey, in which you even want to think of nuts, and wait for the aroma of beautiful spreading and enveloping, then you have the exact address)

I personally am even glad that caramel and sugar did not appear on me, there are plenty of them in the modern suite.

Perhaps this is the best pink fragrance that I managed to try in 2016.

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