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Niche fragrance Ginger Spice | Edgardio Chilini

Ginger Spice



Freshness in the first seconds, as if a breeze blew. You listen and understand that there is a breeze from the east. Refreshing, cool and relaxing at the same time. Bergamot, in the embodiment of the tea, remains on the background. Pepper is felt delicately and sharply, only by its participation, adding absolute eccentricity. Black pepper and ginger dominate citrus, turning into an African spiny wind. He brings the aroma of spices, dried on a wooden table. In the distance there is a tropical forest, and somewhere, very close by, is the ocean at sunset. Ginger Spice attracts attention and is immediately noticeable, it plays, overflows and opens from citrus to ginger, warming itself with mysterious, dark spices.

Because of its purity, it mixes well with simpler fragrances, adding volume, nobility and depth to them.


Fresh, citrus, warm, spicy, woody, aromatic, elegant, intoxicating, noble, frank, loops, attracting


Top notes:

bergamot, lemon, bitter orange, tangerine

Heart notes:

ginger, cloves, pepper, neroli, coriander, cardamom

Base notes:

vetiver, sandalwood, amber

From reviews - lively reflections:


Great perfume "for every day."


In spite of the status and age of a woman, the scent of Ginger Spice always hits the mark. Remains of a beach for special evenings to have a predictable result.


Who would have thought that despite the fact that I do not like bright citruses at the beginning of flavors, but in the Ginger Spice they conquered me. It has a zest, and obviously, there is something to be surprised.

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