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Niche fragrance Stolen Diamonds | Edgadio Chilini

Stolen Diamonds

by Natalia Conf

A light daytime fragrance that shows a calm, measured life, the rules of the dress code at work, and indicates that even with universal laws, you can be so alone, you can be individual.

She cannot and does not want to be in the mass, even if the same tone of clothing, she always has a pressed hard white collar that is not,, lying,, on the lapels of her jacket, her shoes are polished to a shine, her hair is groomed to perfection and she always smells nice.

Berry-floral and delicate, touching and memorable, I want to be there to experience this subtle pleasure and admire the sense of taste. It starts not with sweet berries, the most pleasant to the sense of smell, the heart is floral, a little soapy (continuation of the theme of purity aromas), honeysuckle and neroli are the main ones, feminine are unusual, soft woody chords in the train, clean and light, not a single hint of heaviness.


Top notes:

cranberries, kiwi, pink pepper


Heart Notes:

honeysuckle, neroli, jasmine, cyclamen, rose, violet

Base notes:

cedar, sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, amber

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