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Niche fragrance Tangerine Sorbet | Edgadio Chilini

Tangerine Sorbet


Niche scent Tangerine Sorbet (Mandarin sorbet) is a refreshing perfume ode to enjoying the sweet citrus scent.

Walking along the snowy streets, I wanted to drink strong tea. It's a little strange, but at the same time I really wanted to smell the ripe tangerines. Warm your hands on a pot-bellied white cup and enjoy a pleasant citrus aroma with a characteristic bitterness.


I want to run and smile at the world that flashes before my eyes. In doing so, let time slow down. Snowflakes will freeze in flight, footsteps will not be heard, and people around will disappear.

I would like to wrap myself up in a warm blanket and fall asleep under the overflow of jazz music. And most importantly, let the plaid be in a red flower, and the melody be loud, but slow.

I want to hold the box in my hands. If you open the lid, a lot of colorful butterflies will fly out of it, which will scatter throughout the house and add color to this quiet winter evening.

Mandarins ... It is this scent that is so often associated with winter and the upcoming holidays. I would like to feel some magic, inspiration from the upcoming ...


Tangerine Sorbet (Mandarin sorbet) is an anticipation of something magical with a fresh, citrusy, fruity aroma that will become a ray of warm sun on a cold winter evening and dilute the cold.

Citrus, green, fresh, herbal, spicy, fruity


Top notes:

mandarin, clementine, ivy, green tea, orange, mint


Heart notes:

neroli, petitrain, orange blossom, chamomile, peony, basil, jasmine


Base notes: heliotrope, sandalwood, ambergris, musk

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