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Niche fragrance Lime vs Coco | Edgardio Chilini

Lime vs Coco

Lime fights coconut




The fragrance Lime vs Coco is created for those who can control their passion but up till the right moment.

It is not just mechanical sex that is important. It is more important to know how to make love, enjoy it and give pleasure to you partner. Probably it is time to move to the next level – sex with love.

The fragrance starts very lively. When you get acquainted with it, and it is warmed by your skin, the fragrance realizes that you know about its presence. It gets closer to you and tries to return your warmth, give some happy moments and please you with its intimate sound.


Top notes:

bergamot, mandarin, orange, lime, coconut, coriander, cardamom

Heart notes:

hibiscus, cloves, sugarcane pepper, ginger, ylang-ylang, white rum, jasmine

Base notes:

musk, amber, sandalwood, vetiver

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