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Complete Freedom | Edgardio Chilini

Complete Freedom

AlchemyLab Edgardio Chilini for Valeriy



Absolute freedom


"The aroma for the enthusiastic motorcyclist is expected to imitate the accompanying smells, but the aroma sets off and harmonizes with them, it is leather and sonorous."



Freedom, speed, adrenaline almost tears away from the earth and the reality of flying past. This feeling of flight that you want to feel again and again. There is so much air that it seems impossible to breathe!


Independent, endowed with fantasy, sociable and direct, even in an unfamiliar company, he is always in the spotlight.


A hot fan of all original and unusual, he loves surprises and is constantly looking for diversity. Every day is his little adventure, because he lives in constant motion and everything that surrounds him is easy.


Top notes:

bergamot, ivy, mate, pineapple, lemon, rosemary


Heart notes:

neroli, ginger, jasmine, cyclamen, coriander


Base notes:

cardamom, leather, patchouli, santal, rosewood

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