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Niche fragrance Universe | Edgardio Chilini


The whole universe smells like raspberries

I left the universe

From your eyes looking away

(Unknown author)

Astronomers of the Max Planck Institute with the help of a radio telescope were searching in space for the basis of life - amino acids. Detect them failed. Instead, they found in the gas clouds of the universe substance molecules that smell of raspberries and rum. This information inspired Edgardio Chilini’s Universe composition, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy fantasies about space anytime, anywhere.

Top notes:


Heart notes:

raspberry liqueur

Base notes:


Journey To A StarLemongrass
00:00 / 03:32

From reviews - lively reflections:


Universe Raspberry - very raspberry, not very multifaceted smell.


Universe had a stage when crimson sourness and roughness were revealed more strongly, and now it smells exactly like the feeling of a crimson seed that we thoroughly saw through our teeth). But the most interesting though all 4 flavors are inherently different, but they like every single thing.

Universe is of course an extremely interesting experiment for me in selective raspberries. The start of the Universe, by the way, seemed to me a raspberry syrup against the background of synthetic tuberose with a raspberry chord. Usually, in tuberose with a berry tone, this very tone is strawberry, and here crimson is generally unexpected.

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