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Love Inside | Edgardio Chilini

Love Inside

AlchemyLab Edgardio Chilini for Natali

The fragrance was created by order of employees of the Central Department Store selective perfumery. The sophisticated, demanding colleagues decided to please Natalia with a personal, man-made fragrance. The wish was: “make such an aroma that Natalya was happy with her young man and, perhaps, found the joy of motherhood.” Yes, the “technical task” is original. As in the creation of all flavors, I consider it basic, to listen to the voice of the soul, because she knows everything. I brushed aside all those components that I tried to persuade myself of, and like this, using the exception method, how the sculptors cut off the excess, I got a flavor that was approved unanimously in a "blind" test. Natasha was pleased with the scent, too, says that it suits her. What reward can be higher than such a result. For this, everything is done.

The aroma of summer sunny Sunday morning, the smell of joy, happiness and fullness of life.


He is one of the thin sparkling strings that connect adults with an enthusiastic childhood. The aroma is pleasing, just like sweet soda from a machine, while intimate, cozy, with character and inner core, and most importantly, with an exceptionally natural sound.

Flower, fruit, oriental


Top notes:

green bergamot, lime, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, orange, neroli, tea, almond blossom, black currant, plum, pineapple, papaya, rosemary, peach, rezeda, red pepper, nutmeg, pine, clementin, raisin

Heart notes:

coriander, cardamom, hazelnut, lily of the valley, rose, violet, iris root, tuberose, orchid, heliotrope, cyclamen, violet, freesia, hyacinth, Bulgarian lavender, jasmine, rosewood

Base notes:

mahogany, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, Virginian cedar, tonka bean, oak moss, musk, amber

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