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Pallas Athena | Edgardio Chilini

Pallas Athena

AlchemyLab Edgardio Chilini for Iliaya's mother

Ilya ordered the fragrance for his mother. A business lady who always knows what she wants. It’s in the office, but in life she managed to keep the children’s clean, direct outlook on life. And let her everywhere strive for leading positions, humanity, faith in justice and nobility always remain in her heart. During development, several versions were ordered. The aroma received an unexpected embodiment, when not one of the options was chosen, but certain doses of each version. Since she is a sophisticated person, the individual fragrance of Athena Pallas turned out to be charismatic, fiery, with a thin fresh veil and femininity.

Top notes:

orange blossom, bergamot, melon, blackberry, mandarin leaf


Heart notes:

gardenia, tiara, chamomile, osmanthus, cactus flower, rose, jasmine


Base notes:

vetiver, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, musk, ambergris

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