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 Niche fragrance Mandragora, Edgardio Chilini


Mysterious, mystical, woody

Niche fragrance Madragora is dedicated to the root of the mandrake, which is often mentioned in witchcraft recipes of the Middle Ages. It resembles a human figure, therefore, mandrake was credited with magical power.


"The sorceresses make an ointment from mandrake, which gives a dazzling beauty, mandrake is used for elixirs that provide eternal youth." Andrzej Sapkowski, "The Baptism of Fire"


"Mandraghora is mentioned by Mephistopheles (" Mandrake is telling a foolishness about foolishness about black dog "): according to the medieval belief, the roots of the mandrake indicate the location of the treasures, the root of the mandrake can be excavated only by a black dog, a person daring to dig it dies." V. Goethe, Faust


Plots are known in which the mandrake is associated with an evil spirit - the devil (in Arabia, it is widely believed that the night of the mandragora shines, and therefore it is called the "candle of the devil", with witches (in the Middle Ages, the mandrake in a number of European traditions was called "witch flower "), Sorceresses (it was believed that with the help of mandrakes they can deprive a person of beauty and reason.


Until now, one can not fully say to what the mandrake was referred to, to the magic root or living creature, or all this was combined together.


Top notes:

Sicilian mandarin, dope grass

Heart notes:

cinnamon, mandrake, rosewood, coriander, carnation, damask rose

Base notes:

mahogany, tobacco, sandalwood, vanilla, leather, amber, musk

photo: Vladomir Gorokhov >

model: Vladomir Gorokhov >


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

From reviews - lively reflections:

Posted by Telegram in @hab_tales

I do not know how natural mandrake smells, I have only a set of fantasies based on cultural references. But this variation convinced me. Pronounced special, richly grassy (apparently dope), with bitter notes, but with special tints (cinnamon, cloves). The combination is not for everyone, I don’t think that such a combination of bitterness and spices will thwart applause, but it’s made interesting. The loop is average, the first hours of his well heard, and then near the skin, he makes itself felt, even in a deep base.


Tobacco and sandalwood with mahagoni are buried deep and will show themselves in a few hours when the green bitterness begins to recede and you need to give it a shoulder. The carnation here is light, mixed with dry tobacco, slightly tinted with vanilla. By the set of notes and sounding more to the men's fragrances. Mandragora was excellent, solid, with a character and yet wearable. Excellent depth and volume of the composition even in a deep base. Resistance is significantly longer than 12 hours.

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