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Florasion de Fleurs | Edgardio Chilini

Florasion de Fleurs

AlchemyLab Edgardio Chilini for Inessa

Blooming flowers


Once an employee called me and said that Inessa was looking for me. I made a personal fragrance to her friend a year ago. A friend was in terrible depression, but after the appearance of this fragrance in her life, everything completely changed. Depression is gone, the financial situation has improved, the appearance has changed, the dream man has met, got married, and left to live in the USA. “I also want such perfumes!” Exclaimed Inessa. I was very surprised by the story, but it was nice that I managed to participate in the life of a stranger in such a way. I recalled this story. Indeed, I met a sad lady who told me about her condition. I often have a lot of different aromatic developments with me, which are being tested. I took the first aroma that came to hand that suits her style, added some citruses to make the bottle full and give it to her. And the whole story turned into such a resonance. I recalled the words that impressed me in Vakhtang’s song “I want the songs to sound” Kikabidze

I wish you such a friend

So that in a difficult, joyless hour

Say the real word

What will be saving for you.

Inessa found me, we met, there was an amazing mutual understanding and the idea of ​​creating the fragrance Florasion de Fleurs, which, perhaps, will support Inessa in favorable changes in life. She prefers the aesthetics of Givenchy. I tried to reflect it in the aroma.

Mysterious, enveloping, warm, sensual, ambiguous

Top notes:

orange, Calabrian mandarin, bergamot, thyme


Heart notes:

orchid, ylang-ylang, lily, peony, heliotrope, saffron


Base notes:

tonka bean, rosewood, patchouli, vanilla, oak bark

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