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Niche fragrance Skin Scent Woman Edgardio Chilini

Skin Scent Woman

Alluring femininity


Niche fragrance Skin Scent Woman (the smell of female skin) - the scent of a slightly overpriced self-esteem. Very intimate, the one about which they say their own smell, the smell of their own skin. Resistant, not monotonous, but captured by subtle waves, but by what.

'As soon as I wear this fragrance all my lovers call me', says a surprised fan of the perfume. Very intimate, it covers  your body with an aura which is close to your own skin scent. Perhaps it opens the love chakra and you feel it on the energy level, not for nothing musk is a well-known aphrodisiac.

This fragrance is able to shake boring fragrances on your dressing table, making them tremble and smell completely different when mixed with Skin Scent Woman. Discover something new inside yourself,  feel free and desired ... of course!

From the reviews:

A nothing declaring fragrance for  a successful woman during the most peaceful and successful moments of her life. The fragrance has both the experience and the hope.

This fragrance is not just the smell of a female body with a characteristic note of ambergris which is attractive to the opposite sex. The fragrance conveys the very essence of a woman, her allegorical and sublime image. So that you experience the delight, awareness of your femininity and strength and originality of your feminine principle.

The fragrance  will touch the heart of your man... It will remind him of something magical. No matter what kind of fantasy comes to him it is always about a woman, because I looked at the creation of this perfume from a man's point of view ... It is like a mellifluous melody, affectionate mother's lullaby; as  a thrilling touch of a beloved woman; as an excitement about a meeting with a beautiful stranger passing by…

The fragrance is chic but not vulgar, not loud. This is a scent of a queen, of a real woman. Not aggressive, but very attractive. The woman, who  attracts and tempts inexplicably.

Gentle and delicate, it surrounds you with a protective cloud of 'slightly high' self-esteem. Off, everyone who thinks that I'm not perfect!


There is nothing vulgar, but at the same time it is a scent of a real woman.

This woman will be cold and unapproachable for those who are not worthy of her but she will promise to show her true femininity and originality to the ones who fit. She keeps her distance and attracts at the same time.

Smooth, stringy, but not heavy at all, it's like a transparent veil that covers your body. Fragrance blends with your skin and dissolves on it, emitting a distinctive smell of a woman, which is the highest bliss for her loving men who will feel Skin Scent Woman on his Queen's skin!

I started to see fabulous erotic dreams after applying Skin Scent Woman! I want more!

I was covered with a warm intimate cloud. And make sure you listen to it only on the skin.



Top notes: bergamot, galbanum, green cardamom
Heart notes: rose from Nepal, geranium, rosewood
Base notes: sandalwood, amber, musk, vanilla, oak moss

photo: Vladimir Gorokhov >

video: Roman Vesely

model: Daria Bulatkina

From reviews - lively reflections:


My ode to the fragrance of Skin scent Woman @ edgardio_chilini 📝 This winter I am wrapped in a delicate, viscous veil, waves descending, flowing through my hair, flowing down my fingertips like wax melting on my skin from the heat of my body. Wrap yourself in my hair, keep warm in your arms and breathe in with excitement and trembling. I will become your queen, I will even sing you a lullaby, if you are worthy, I am a woman and I am unique. 💋 # wonderfulbunny 💋 Resistant, enveloping, deep, warm, intimate and fascinating, truly feminine fragrance.

M & B Miranda Beauty World

Calm, sophisticated, feminine scent, floral and discreet. It reveals a hint of garden roses, which is the basic component in this composition.

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