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Niche fragrance Don't Look Back | Edardio Chilini

Don't Look Back

Ne te retourne pas

Be yourself


The fragrance of film-impression. In it a beautiful French image - Sophie Marceau, turns into no less attractive Italian - Monica Bellucci.

Jeanne is a writer, married, has two children. She begins to notice disturbing her changes around. Sometimes he does not recognize himself, seeing another in the mirror. But no one around her notices anything strange .. They write off Jeanne's fears of the stress associated with the release of her new book, but she herself understands that something deep and exciting is happening in her life.


The old picture prompts Zhanna to go to Italy, where she reveals the strange secret of her metamorphosis of self-perception.


In the course of the film's action, the tender French Sophia Marceau turns into sensual Monica Bellucci, the fragrance is transformed with them.


“You can't take the past with you and look around. It tires and leads to death. "

We weave our present from the threads of the events of the past. All have their own threads. But it is only for us to decide for ourselves what the picture of life will be in the future, since its formation occurs here and now. Therefore, the responsibility for our lives only on us.

The reason for choosing this fragrance is that it seems familiar in it or why it is loved:

Tint, conveying the taste of lipstick with a cherry tint, a little cosmetic, powdery, like a thin thread, which is decorated with exquisite chords of flowers and fruit. They form harmony and perfection due to the basis. Refined patchouli chord is a massive pendant and gives the composition a weight.

The fragrance is very feminine. So could smell Sophie Marceau or Monica Bellucci and we could remember them forever from this scent.

Top notes:

tangerine, bergamot, black currant, melon, peach, anise

Heart notes:

cherry, peony, mimosa, lilac, hibiscus, lily of the valley, rose, almond, violet

Base notes:

sandalwood, benzoin, vanilla, cedar, patchouli, amber

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