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Niche fragrance Adequate, Edgardio Chilini


Niche fragrance Adequate niche fragrance created to meet expectations. A concentrate of elegance beyond age and time. A fragrance in the style of "le class" for those who are familiar with this concept. Self-confidence without evidence and enjoyment of comfort, relying on "old money".


Chypre, leather, green, animal, smoky, woody



Top notes:

lavender, pepper, bergamot, mint


Heart notes:

heather, geranium, honey, daman, clove, incense, galbanum


Base notes:

leather, tobacco, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, labdanum, ambergris, oak moss


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

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Edgardio Chilini niche fine fragrances
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