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Lumière Dorée Edgardio Chilini

Lumière Dorée

Golden light has always been


It is inherent in many children and adults with a kind, joyful, altruistic heart. From the road of a person who moves around the city in a golden light, people with a negative charge leave. his fate and future are automatically improved.

Sadness, melancholy, sadness did not arise, only a light scent just touched the heart. In the golden light, a person is “already good”; he nourishes both the physical and astral body in such a way that it becomes meaningless to struggle in communication for some pieces of emotional energy.



Top notes:

bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, orange, olive flower, star anise, basil, saffron, verbena, lime, tangerine, mint, green tea


Heart notes:

coriander, ginger, orange blossom, cardamom, juniper, hyacinth, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, freesia, violet leaf, galbanum


Base notes: cedar, tobacco, tonka bean, patchouli, vanilla, agar tree, guayak tree, cypress, cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, incense, leather, amber, musk, oak moss

niche fine fragrances

Edgardio Chilini niche fine fragrances
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