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Niche fragrance Cinnamon Coctail | Egardio Chilini

Cinnamon Liqueur

When sugar, vanilla, cocoa beans, Irish whiskey and cream meet in exact proportion you get a truly fantastic drink. But if you put them into a whirlwind of cinnamon it will awake powerful masculinity. The fragrance will give you an ingenuous outlook that can intoxicate and show what a real explosion of love is like.

He is entirely in the power of ecstatic emotions, his heart is burning with an insane fire, his unbridled passion is warming him, his soul is the kingdom of the raging flame of love!

Top notes:

cinnamon, Irish liqueur, green apple, rosewood, sage, cardamom, coriander


Heart notes:

clove, nutmeg, damask rose, cyclamen, iris, jasmine


Base notes:

sandalwood, vanilla, tobacco, mahogany, leather, tonka bean, white cedar amber, musk, oak moss

photo: Vinoodh Matadin

model: Christoph Waltz

From reviews - lively reflections:


A blind date - hot...

This date was one of the lucky ones. It did not become the beginning of the greatest love, but it turned out to be a real love and hot, with all the attributes: excitement, the first meeting, the frantic heart rhythm and butterflies in the stomach.

The fragrance that I took in the morning was my pill from the blues. Autumn, problems, bad mood - unlucky satellites. Having touched a bunch of samples to the touch, I chose one. Suppressed the desire to peep and carefully felt, found the lid, allowed the brain to cling to this fact. Looking ahead, I’ll say that I planned to go over the samples again and remove all the covers, it really hurts my mind to have them, trying to recall the stamps that make up their probes.

Groping for the sprayer hole and closing his eyes, she made a neat zilch on her wrist. Neat, as wearing a romantic dress yesterday, having chosen the fragrance blindly for a day, Terre d’Hermes watered abundantly, who apparently stole from her husband at the time...

Therefore, putting a new chosen one on the skin, anxiously awaited the result. The scent inflicted immediately sparkled, played in a furious round dance of notes, lively and stunning. So alive that I froze ... Pepper Chipotle, I thought ... But, no, Demeter does not do probes ... Applied to the other wrist and neck. She felt the typical oiliness of the composition and, on this basis, suggested that this is most likely the author's perfume. This oiliness of large concentrations and natural oils in the composition I have not met in serial perfumery for a long time, except that it is plentiful to apply Perfume concentration.


Well, or Demeter, having just such an oily composition.

And what about the hero of my date? He is bright, catchy, incredibly sparkling with its facets, beautiful and charismatic! For the first time in a long time, I did not remain indifferent)) A whirlwind of spices, from which I clearly isolated ginger with cinnamon, the brightest note of cherry wood and thick cherry jam. Such confiture from whole cherries with bones was cooked by my grandmother on an open fire. And again - spices! Cinnamon with chilli and pineapple chakni pieces .. After a while I was ready to say that it was high-quality mulled wine brewed on cherry juice). And in two hours - almost complete reincarnation of my beloved L’Artisan Parfumeur Tea for Two, only the base is different - delicate cream-vanilla against artisan one sharply woody.

Resistance is very decent and diffusion at height. She grabbed her own fragrant spicy trail by the tail, going back to the newly-abandoned room. In short, you understand)) today I was in love.

Who are you, handsome?

It turned out to be the fragrance of Sergey Karov Edgardio Chilini Cinnamon Liqueur - Cinnamon Liqueur. I was surprised, because the scent, as it seems to me, was positioned as male. But I would love to wear it and enjoy this smoky woody cherry and play of spices. Dignified perfume, persistent, balanced and very, very subtle and exquisitely sounding.

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