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From reviews - lively reflections on the fragrances of Edgardio Chilini

Here are collected reviews of fragrances and quotes from correspondence with the permission of customers.

Elizabeth > about Madness Of Blackcurrant >

For some reason I see a man in a jogging years in the park in the morning. Despite the fact that I cannot call the fragrance of the age at all - it is understandable and simple in its bouquet. It does not make you gasp from the east, as it could be. But a picture like that man with a gray hair beginning to show up at a fairly young age brushes drops of a towel from his forehead, stopping to greet friends for a moment does not leave me. And we in these seconds only pass by, noting the very vigor of the berry explosion in the base of stability and confidence in a good day.

Nauel @nawalbeauty > about Rose Tea Jam >

Rose Tea Jam by Edgardio Chillini. My friend gave me a scent, with the words "do you like rose petal jam?" Indeed, it smells like a rose, with something sweet-appetizing in such rainy weather (my favorite, by the way) is very tasty! And I also learned that under the melodious name lies the Russian perfumer. #rose #flatlay # beauty # beautiful #beautyblogger #sotd #edgardiochilini #perfume #parfum # fragrance # perfume

Paulina about Skin Scent Baby >

6) Skin Scent Baby is a gourmet trend in manifestation that is familiar to lovers of perfumery by Montale Chocolate Greedy, Demeter Angel Food, Rice Paddy and a collection of flavors of biscuits. There is no chocolate here, but a light cream dry biscuit is revealed in all its glory along with the aroma of sweet rice porridge with milk, the aroma of baby cereals and mixtures. There is also a very gentle barely discernable pleasant fruit shade. However, I did not associate this flavor with children - rather, with a luxurious department of cookies where you can find any kind you like. For me, this is primarily a fragrance for the home and in general it is rather a pleasant experiment in the field of food fragrances, but not perfumery - although this conclusion is entirely on the conscience of my perfumery taste. A very believable gourmet flavor that arouses appetite if you are a sweet tooth)




Paulina about Mandragora >

5) Mandragora is another representative of the eccentric direction of the private line, which immediately stands apart being darker, thicker and decadent. This is a very unusual cocktail of tar, smolny, woody, special sounds in which I clearly feel the root, not of mandrake, but of dried ginseng and cilantro. He sits on the hot skin with a hot cloud of ritual brew, softening only to the transition to the heart and base. For me, there is more tar and not skin, and the animal components are not dirty, which is just fine. I can not say that this fragrance could be worn by anyone, it can be capricious. But such a perfume eccentric attracts me.




Paulina about Vahine No Te Tiare >

4) Vahine No Te Tiare is also a representative of my favorite destination of holiday fragrances beaten around the tiare flower note. There are a lot of such aromas - right away you can remember Yves Rocher Monoi De Tahiti, Guerlain Teracotta, Montale Intense Tiare, Comptior Sud Pacifique Aloha Tiare and many others. But here it is interesting, first of all, that the start is extremely energetic and seasoned with something green and leafy, and in the heart and base I feel at first slightly cheered up and then rehabilitated quite decent peach - this is an interesting transformation. According to the law of the genre, the closer to the base, the more sweetness and languor on the creamy-woody substrate opens the composition. It is absolutely impossible to work with him normally, but for rest this aroma seems to be specially created.



Marika about Poseidon >

Despite the name, Poseidon from Edgardio Chilini is not a story about the sea, but rather about an icy stream, goosebumps when you dive into the river in the summer, blooming snowdrops in early spring. It is cold and absolutely not salty, like ice cubes in a glass on a hot day: you just watch how the drops flow down the glass, and the whole world around them is reflected in them.



Paulina about Skin Scent Man >

1) Skin Scent Man started on me a slightly rough sweetish-oriental chord which is supported by sage, delicate anise and something unusual tarkhunno-woody, and the very soft citrus top crowns the start of the fragrance. I usually do not like citrus fruits, but here they are overpowered by soft polyphony. Further, the aroma opens into a woody amber heart where the amber sound is again with my favorite tone of cherry pit. It should be noted that at the same time, East-specific and herbal chords do not go away completely and merge with the composition of the heart, while citrus chords leave the carrier and quietly leave the stage. Further, the whole composition continues to warm up, to become sweeter and more welcoming nonetheless without turning into an overly feminine gourmet — everything is still very courteous and solid in character. I would rather describe this fragrance as unisex, without being tied to the gender of the user. Its train is more likely a delicate cloud, its resistance is around 4 hours, but the echoes of the fragrance can be recognized on the skin for a very long time. For a pronounced sound, you will have to upgrade. I like the fragrance of this character both on myself and on gentlemen.




Paulina about El Secreto De Sus Ojos >

2) El Secreto De Sus Ojos delighted me right off the pyramid and I knew for sure that I should try it. I was not mistaken - my favorite complex gourmet-eastern direction is also completely. Here I immediately feel a soft and warm blanket consisting of gourmet delights - first of all, this is a slightly drunk pickled cherry as for cocktails decoration intertwined with marzipan and a delicate chord of cookies a la dry biscuit. But the plus for me here is the fact that this whole feast of the sweet-toed sweet-tooth smeared in liqueur is also balanced by the perfumery component, which, according to the general impression, resembles some unknown tropical flowers. The flowers here are woven together so tightly with each other that it is impossible to clearly identify each. In the heart and in the base, the floral and gourmet lines seem to compete with each other - either one seems more obvious or the other. But the base is again woody and amber, without a drop of beasts, which for me personally is a great advantage that will allow you to wear this fragrance and enjoy it from beginning to end. This fragrance also got into one of my favorites - a warm, feminine, rounded and cordial gourmet east, supported by floral, balsamic and liqueur chords.



Paulina about Vicky Cristina Barcelona >

3) Vicky Cristina Barcelona is one of the most unexpected flavors for me that fell among the samples. The fact is that it is an energetic menthol in a fruit frame with sweet gourmet and spicy woody coniferous chords in the disclosure. In general, I like to smoke an electronic cigarette and mix a menthol-fruit mixture into my own experimenting with different fruits to my own taste. So this fragrance is a complete reflection of what comes out of my e-cigarette. Only never could I have thought that I would get such a sound on the sample in the form of perfume. A wonderful eccentric but at the same time very smooth aroma. Naturally, the base here still looks more like a perfume than a smoking mixture for an electronic cigarette by moving into a tree, a drop of delicate needles, grass, and perfume sweetness. Such a base for me is extremely comfortable to wear in any setting.




Paulina about 50 Shades of You >(addition)

I do not agree that cherry amber is the fragrance of a female victim. Eastern concubines still all right, but not everyone can see their victims in their own way)



Paulina about Universe >

Universe is of course an extremely interesting experiment for me in selective raspberries. Start Universe by the way seemed to me raspberry syrup on the background of synthetic tuberose with a raspberry chord. Usually, in tuberose with a berry tone, this very tone is strawberry, and here it is raspberry - which is generally unexpected. the aroma on the skin being just in the stage of crushed raspberry seed, very gently and cordially, with a slight sourness and completely without soap. On my skin the aroma lasted 6 hours, the train was not even a train, but a gentle delicate m cloud that allows you to wear the Universe in any setting and for any occasion.



Liza about Madness of Blackcurrant

When the name speaks for itself. In order to understand that the main thing in this madness is the very first thing - imagine a hot summer, a garden, in one palm you have a huge handful of large freshly picked berries, and the other you take leaves from a bush. At this point, you just want to devour all the collected fruits and you do it not by one ball of juice, but by eating almost the whole handful. With bright refreshing sourness, the sweet berries break on the tongue, you, while continuing to collect the leaves, touch the branches and a light plume of greenery with the same juicy sour scent comes from the bush. The excitement and awakening from the first notes create an incredible mood of joy and vigor. A little later, an oily aftertaste and light astringency. Gradually, with the departure of a slight bitterness, a certain creaminess appears. I do not know whether it is silk, green tea or cotton. Perhaps the lotus cocoon delicacy envelops you in the aroma, without losing its berry component. Only here there is no place for splashes and blaring. The base calms down, the harmony of light saltiness remains. A feeling of skin after jogging appears. Some may find sweat in these notes, but it is not repulsively dirty. This is a feeling of activity of movements and aspirations forward in a mood of eternal employment, which gives the wearer the pleasure of life.




@jonny_brown_eyes > о Indigo Vetiver

The first impressions of Indigo Vetiver, soapy, fresh, clean to squeak, like just out of the shower, settle sweetly on the skin - woody shades of the Bourbon vetiver, slightly bitter to the base, what is needed on these hot days. Not like the one vetiver I've heard before.

Paulina about Cinnamon Liqueur >

Cinnamon Liqueur is a fragrance in which I feel with my nose everything past the stated pyramid) The start for me is fougereous-grassy laurel with sweetness on a dense base of brewed infusion of mother and stepmother with sugar. Mother and stepmother in perfume before I met only in ELDO Fat Electrician. Here, the sugar was added smaller so that the champagne chord at the start was where to roam. A sweetish perfume amber appears in my heart, which I love so much in men's fragrances because it is always very hospitable. Fougera with all the greater disclosure is becoming less and amber, herbs and infusion of mother and stepmother take the reins of government. The base here adds warm wood and even cedar opens its arms without trying to stab anyone. Sage, rosewood - yes, very much so. I feel them as stated in the pyramid. The base has a bit of synthetic musk, but just like in other flavors of Edgardio Chilini, it is somehow special because it does not cause conflicting feelings at all. I think that on a man this fragrance would have revealed even better than on me.




Paulina about Senses >

11) Senses is a fragrance that interestingly transforms on my naturally hot skin in the course of its sound. The start here is rather arrogant and provocative: a raspberry-blackberry chord is slightly nailed with a gothic combination of pepper, cardamom and roses in the spirit of the classic John Galliano fragrance. There is also a small proportion of animal sound that I can explain to myself with musk. Although in this case, the great surprise of the musk is absolutely not the one that would frighten me. In the heart, this sound is preserved, becoming only smoother, though not less provocative. It creates the feeling that raspberry and blackberry berries started a fight against who or what, and the referee in this fight is gradually appearing peach. In the base, the fragrance passes on my skin into a leading duo of peach and patchouli, in the background of which spices, white flowers, a little rose and wood sing along. This sound reminds me of the revelation of the legendary Gucci Rush. And the truth is, if you compare the pyramids, you can find similarities. Perhaps I would wear such a scent because I love such feminine provocations in perfume)




Paulina about Mexicana de Vanilla >

10) Mexicana de Vanilla appears to me as a tincture of vanilla pods with a barely perceptible bitterness that stands and spreads its flavor next to the cream biscuits / dry biscuit we already know. Something alcohol-cognac in the disclosure also appears, but implicitly. In the heart, roughness begins to be felt, which can be compared with the taste and smell of high-quality whiskeys, and along with the cookies, a rough chord prevents me from this composition. It seems that I am just biased towards whiskey and cookies in perfumery, so you cannot rely on my taste here. The base has something similar to the game of vanilla, honey, cinnamon and woody notes, although the biscuits + roughness of the whiskey do not leave me anyway. For me, this is probably not Mexican vanilla, but a weekend sweet drinker who consumes his treats while sitting in a barrel of alcohol) There is something distantly musky on my skin. It is unlikely that I will wear this fragrance, although it is undoubtedly interesting, especially if you like baking, vanilla, honey and strong alcohol in combination.




Nadezhda @fred_pechalnaya about Rose Tea Jam >

Rose Tea Jam. Interesting and tasty truth. Gourmet such




Paulina about Lime vs Coco >

9) Lime vs Coco is a real mojito at its best perfume appearance. The start of the fragrance is very sparkling, energetically lime, carbonated. Slightly revealed, he opens up savory special chords and a hint of alcoholism. Nevertheless, citrus plays the leading role because I don’t feel a lot of coconut here and even if it is distinguishable at all in the sweet-sweet tone of aroma, it’s rather just a background. I would call it more like a fruit perfume chord which is made extremely delicately. In the base, the fragrance passes from an accurate perfume interpretation of a mojito into a pleasant citrus scent with a light sweetness. I admit that I am not a fan of citrus in perfumery, but there is a certain list of hesperid flavors that are comfortable for me and Lime vs Coco added to it.




Paulina about Mon Fils À Moi >

8) Mon Fils À Moi and again a chord of creamy dry biscuits cooked in condensed milk, which is so clearly familiar in its flavor, Skin Scent Baby argues with the aroma of a little-prone perfume of an authoritarian woman. These perfumes smell white flowers, coriander and resemble the softened legendary aroma of Coriandre Jean Couturier. Yes, perhaps if you take Demeter Angel Food and mix it with Coriandre Jean Couturier, add some white flowers from the 90s perfume sample, bring the whole composition into a sleek look, it will be clear how the start and heart of Mon Fils А Moi sound. Throughout the whole composition, the authoritarian mother still wins the attempt to break through the teenage rebellion. But to the base, nevertheless, the mother seems to understand something and finds the right way to communicate with her son while remaining a loving mentor.
Perfect hit in the plot of the modern conflict of fathers and children, who took on a perfumery appearance.



Paulina about Don't Look Back >

7) I don’t look back, I would call it a scent that is in absolute trend today. This is a citrus-floral start with a barely perceptible bitterness and fruit and berry background, a heart filled with a more distinct sound of flowers + berries + fruits where for some reason you want to think of orange blossom that is not stated in the pyramid, but the base retains cordial motifs woven into them musky chord. Musk is not stated here either, but I cannot get rid of the sensation of synthetic musk on the skin. The nature of this perfume work seems to me to be very commercial, and I wouldn’t choose to wear it myself and send it to my collection. But in fairness it should be noted that modern commercial fragrances of this floral, fruit, berry, wood and musky style from the luxury segment that we can see in large stores are much worse balanced than Don't Look Back.

@jonny_brown_eyes > about Blues Cuir >

Oriental-leather fragrance created especially for me. It creates the impression that it does not evaporate, but leaves some lightness, a riddle not peculiar to leather fragrances.


Blues Cure is a soft, powdered skin that gives the impression that it does not evaporate, but leaves some lightness, a riddle, usually not typical of leather scents. I want a bucket!


I really like it, Sergey is straight Kulibin from Russian perfumery!

@jonny_brown_eyes > about Pursuit >

The first impression of pursuit, heavy artillery, citruses, aldehydes - I'm in the tank all the fuck up, ahead!


Opening a new boutique Perfume:

kroshkachi @ jonny_brown_eyes I wonder what kind of perfume on you at this event?

jonny_brown_eyes @ kroshkachi - Edgardio Chilini Pursuit!


"Pursuit wearing socks in the heat showed one hundred percent very durable trail of three meters, collected compliments all day, liked the surprised expression" experts "when announcing the brand and name, Edgardio Chilini, who is this!?! Exclusivity is super cool!"

@jonny_brown_eyes > about Debauch >

Debauch (debauchery) - at first it seemed simple and familiar, weightless and transparent, citruses, a dry tree, but a bitter note resembling men's sweat unexpectedly came in, further more, the base pleased at the same time with hot / cold patchouli with an earthy shade sprinkled with powder, it sits like already nailed 7 oh hour giving a decent train.

Paulina about Languor In Passions >

Languor In Passions also liked me more than he liked Tobacco, and again he, like that, is more friendly on the skin. But of course we still need to think about it.
I have never Tobacco Vanille, just tried it.

@jonny_brown_eyes > about Tar Cuir de Russie >

I doused tar cuir, first impressions, woody leather, aromatic, but not dense, light and transparent with a slight touch of vintage sound, the whole composition is very good, it sounds smooth, slightly rounded, does not fall apart.
The aroma was revealed to have light degary notes not daring, but there is a vintage sound has become more pronounced. My theme!

Nadezhda @fred_pechalnaya about Witch >

I miss the witch scent. I gave everything, I sit as if without hands as if such a feeling ... strange ...)

Anastasia about Tar cuir de Russie >

I have a complicated relationship with perfumes ... I myself do not fully understand the reason. I don't like a lot of things. But if the perfume lay on the soul, then I fit into it and wear it to the holes. So it was with the aroma of tar cuir de russie. From the first half-breath, he fell in love with me. He became for me not just a perfume, but my second skin. In it, and the high cost, and luxury, and sex, and depraved sweetness. For me personally, this is all very, very comfortable. and cozy, even in the heat. Resistance is still excellent straight from bathing to bathing, and it will probably smell sweet on fur until next season, probably.

Paulina about Universe >

Universe had a stage when crimson sourness and roughness were revealed more strongly, and now it smells exactly like the feeling of a crimson seed that we thoroughly saw through our teeth). But the most interesting though all 4 flavors are inherently different, but they like every single thing.


Universe is of course an extremely interesting experiment for me in selective raspberries. The start of the Universe, by the way, seemed to me a raspberry syrup against the background of synthetic tuberose with a raspberry chord. Usually, in tuberose with a berry tone, this very tone is strawberry, and here crimson is generally unexpected.

Paulina about Pursuit >

Pursuit my husband and I were surprised at how Poison Dior looked like, though kinder, more honeyed. For me, it seemed to be a white-flowered scent in the style of the updated Poison Dior - more pollen and honey white flowers, from which they took all the malice. "

Yana about Mexicana de vanilla >

Today I spent the whole day working as a model. They took a lot of photos, they painted henna on me and made a portfolio for the artist's friend. In the evening I ran to my friend and felt that I still had perfume on me. Surprised by the persistence of a pleasant vanilla note.

Yury about Charlie 09 Wisdom Of The Heart >

I received a very positive message. I liked it, thank you. My subject. I will try samplers and order a new version soon.

Nadezhda @fred_pechalnaya about Boudoir Noir >

Did you do the Boudoir, but once again the money spirits came out I left the house, I was standing at the bus stop. The car passes twice and the man waves his hand to me, they say. I'm kind of not wearing a skirt even.

Anastasia about Boudoir Noir >

For me, Boudoir Noir is the scent of heavy curtains, silk dresses and loubuten on a huge stiletto. This is when you need to shine in everything. Aroma on the way out. Can strangle others. I'm fine. I put only on hair. Otherwise bust.
All three want.

Nadezhda @fred_pechalnaya about Atom >

The atom in the beginning, and the truth, is very medicinal, juniper and all that. And then, rather freshness plus wood resin. Maybe a little bit like old paper ... The smell of the library)) I guess I associate old canvases, paper books with paintings and oil paints. Yes, exactly as in the gallery with painting. Old pictures smell so, wooden stretchers, oil based paints. I worked with them for a long time, that's the association. This will not forget.

Anastasia about Silver Olibanum >

Silver Olibanum is a very personal fragrance for me. The aroma of herbal tea in the country. Therefore, I wear it on special occasions and under a special dreamy mood. More often at home. I often sleep in it. About such honor awarded by far not all perfumes.

Sergey Z

You are a very very talented perfumer)) everyone who ordered from us recognizes this) there is no doubt))


A compliment from a regular customer !!! Talented guys are talented in everything! Delicately, competently, relevantly, beautifully ... I recommend everyone to try an individual order "just for you" ...


Good day, Sergey! Received my order yesterday. Flavors liked, even very much. She herself was surprised by the fact that she would never have ordered, can have a charming smell - Mexican vanilla>. The fragrance "Smell of Woman's Skin"> very aggressive, dominant, very persistent. Has put quite a bit on the inside of the elbow and almost "choked". There was a feeling that I was in a meter cocoon of smell. After 3 hours, the saturation was gone and the gentle, enveloping, warm one remained. Loved it. It seems that the smell is absorbed not only in the skin, but also in the brain. Nega some. I will use it very carefully. After testing, "skin" has already stopped hearing other flavors and put it off. Then I will experiment with them.


Special thanks for the gifts. Very nice attention and the opportunity to try other flavors. I have already written about vanilla and you were right that I might like this smell. Packaging boxes are just adorable.


Summary: luckily, I accidentally hit your site. Thanks again for the opportunity to plunge into the "live" flavors. And creative success in creating new compositions. Irina

Helen about Saw >

Finally made at least one normal fragrance!

Sergey about Charlie 03 Maturity >

Expressive coniferous definition on a sweet jam background.

Sergey about Bed Of Flowers

Maman passes a big thank you)) wants to give you the jam from our house))
Well, I hear from her, the aroma of kapets which is cool))

Eugeny about El Secreto des sus Ojos >

The almond flavor is frank and recognizably almond, but reveals difficult. Sweet and bitter almonds at the same time, the depth of floral hints that seem tarry.

Dmitry about Vicky Cristina Barcelona >

In Vicky Cristina Barcelona, ​​I miss the burning flower in his very heart, perhaps she could become a proud maroon rose or even a spicy scarlet carnation behind the ear, like a Flamenco dancer. While I know, the rose is declared in the perfume composition, but whether it is of a different color, or maybe it was just slightly lost in a lush bouquet of peony, dope, jasmine, ylang and magnolia, or was added as a traditional component in the middle of the fragrance. without becoming his soloist shaded by other colors on the backing vocals. Maybe the caramel and peach are bothering me, but the fact remains. Forgive me generously - this is a matter of taste preferences, because the very aroma is HIT!)

Dmitry about Witch >

The "Witch" turned out to be so kind and kind that I just want to embrace her like my own grandmother, who will bake pancakes for breakfast and tell you a bedtime story, certainly singing a sweet lullaby quietly. Here, even the most notorious Skoda turn into a share-child. And even if she smokes a pipe and does not give up positions with age, the creature with a gentle smile and a tender heart lies behind the colorful facade, besides it smells good.))

Dmitry about Boudoir Noir >

"Black Boudoir" is fine and even silky. Here, probably, my distorted idea about this secret room, as about something more sinful, not to say, depraved, has its effect. Or maybe it just relax in it and she does not at all serve as a lonely place for a young charmer, from time to time practicing a relationship with adultery ?? However, in my spoiled imagination, the pictures come the most that neither is voluminous, almost like 3D, with curtains that do not let stray light from outside and only lit candles reflect the chamber situation, but something optional, but not drunk to the end rests on the bottom of the glass ... I also want something of an animal, such as civet, maybe beaver jets, in general, I don’t know, but I don’t have enough body, even, perhaps, its intercourse with another heated body (s). The topic itself is beautiful, but when there are such patterns as, for example, Boudoir from Vivienne Westwood, you want a more tangible and warm / IMHO /. Do you understand!?)))

Dmitry about Hypnose Douce >

"Sweet hypnosis", as the name implies, as for me, should be akin to a drug, the aroma imprisoning every man when he smells the sweet smell of a woman. Captivity, orgasm, languor ... According to the structure, everything seems to be properly executed, but the vanilla theme with its spicy pods seems somewhat cautious, if not at all alert? She would be lured after herself, as if rattling rats with the ringing melody, but she is so timid, as if not sure of her own capabilities or ashamed of anything !? Sweet, sometimes sticky (raspberry), but for some reason there is no erection. But as an option, test))))


Sergey, this is a real present! You just gave me a holiday!
True, I already have not enough skin and the nose refuses)
I can not identify everything (you would at least put some clues)) I will smell)
Almond is very good, tobacco as it is, and something else with tobacco is straight sooo. Some are very unusual and amazing! So far, I have not figured out with everyone, but on the whole, oooooooochen is pleased! Thank you very much!

Regards and incredibly pleasant surprise



How I was pleased with your feedback! I think you have a good period in life and, possibly, love. smile



Sergey, now the aromas are settling down, I have no words! Honestly, did not expect! I will definitely wear it! Base just...


Universe > Raspberry - very raspberry, not very multifaceted sound

Vahine no te Tiare > - strange, maybe a little wax

No Streaght > skin, not too green? - not at all green, in my perception, rather, as the aroma of a pleasant perfume from a smoked woman, but the aroma is not as bad as it sounds. smile

Mandragora > not too mossy? - moderately mossy, bitter, dry

Languor In Passions > is tobacco too sweet? - similar to Tobacco Vanilla Tom Ford, but it is nice that people who know this fragrance well, mine were praised and said that there were more compliments than from Ford. Nicely.

Don't Look Back > Cherry is an interesting intrigue of changing flowers for fruitiness.
I would suggest another fragrance Fifty shades of you, there are cherry stones and almonds are good, and a long lasting final musky note

Liana about Mexicana de Vanilla >

Today is vanilla day, by the way) vanilla is wonderful. I was afraid that it would be either too child-gourmet, or like Serge Lutants - not friends with vanilla. But she is good) her husband said that he really smells like in Mexico) did she really find her vanilla))

In Mexican vanilla, I don’t hear bitterness at all, although I wouldn’t mind if it’s cool to me, if I may say so. Not like a piece of cake in a pastry shop, but as a flavor of the wind.


You have pleasantly surprised me with a review of Mexican vanilla. I try to understand this fragrance, but I can’t comprehend it, for me, as if, all the time "slips out of my hands." It includes a large percentage of good brandy, but this "legacy of oak barrels" gave bitterness, with which I tirelessly fought in this composition. I must admit that people who can not tolerate vanilla, and sneeze on "sweets" took this flavor loyally.

Liana about Neroli Protect >

Good evening, Sergey! I want to ask you, what kind of similar note is heard in the skin, like Creed, and in neroli? The same note that I hear very much, and it bothers me. If you remember, I talked about it in a review about the skin. Here she is also in a loud voice) she is very sharp and persistent. I love neroli very much (in the Cilian version, diptic, etc.), but here I just don’t hear the neroli! Maybe this is my olfactory black hole? Or a white spot?))



Liana, in my compositions, as in life, I cannot resist the conventions. Therefore, I freely use both natural and synthetic components. In the process of insisting chemicals interact with each other, new ones are formed. If there is at least one natural component in the composition, it means it has been enriched, possibly, with thousands of different types of molecules. As, for example, synthetic vanilla - one type of molecule - vanillin. Natural vanilla decomposed in a gas chromatograph - more than a thousand types of molecules. Based on this, for me any natural aromatic raw material is already a composition.


I think that there is no olfactory hole or white spot. Simply, in the process of "cooking soup" there were substances with a sharp, persistent sound. They may appear when neroli interacts, for example, with bergamot. As in a chemical reaction: acid plus alkali - and there is neither one nor the other, only salt.


As one lady wrote about this:

"And the combination of neroli / orange color with sour citrus - inevitably creates associations with powders for washing clothes and conditioners (hello, household chemistry department!))) I haven’t seen you for a long time ...) I didn’t expect you to meet here, but I am glad, glad .. .)))) "



Well, I do not know about the use of powders and household chemicals, I really like such fragrances of purity, soap) as the prelude of Kilian and Blanche Bayredo. But the fact is, I don’t hear anything at all in Neroli) so I was surprised)

Лиана о Don't Look Back >

Don't Look Back)) думала, будет наивно-фруктовая вкусняшка вишня-вишня, а тут прям слива, кедр и Феминита) или Боксерша того же Сержа нашего Лютановича. Очень статусно и серьезно. Но не так колюче. Нравится)



Для многих, кто решался попробовать аромат Не оглядывайся, он был сюрпризом и откровением. Действительно, представляешь одно, а открывается совсем другое. В нём я стремился раскрыть идею фильма, которому он посвящен.


About 50 shades of you, just amazing! Reviews of people about this fragrance are much more enthusiastic than I could have imagined. He really likes it, even in a blind test without a catchy name. And the train is really very pleasant and gentle. This aroma was a bright metamorphosis, when it sounds on the female skin gently and gently, and on the male, especially hot, it starts to simply burn with a bright aromatic flame.

What do you think of the fragrances of Edgardio Chilini?


I would say that Edgardio Chilini's flavors are philosophical.



They are distinguished from many others by the fact that they have a “pattern” of smell.



If there is no one common component in them, then the perfumer’s energy is probably noticeable, but I feel something in them in common.



I understand the aromas and have experience in this. I do not know what unites them, but I recognize these flavors among others. However, they are completely different - each has its own character, maybe even the soul of the fragrance.



I would say these are really exclusive flavors.



Come up with a project where individual perfumes in an individual designer bottle cost a million rubles! It is clear that all this is in the only copy in the world, and no one can have such a second bottle, but this is pathetic! Probably for sheikhs or oligarchs. It seems to me much cooler, especially such an alien design of bottles! As far as I know the world of perfumery - exclusive does not happen.



From aroma to aroma, a constant growth of professionalism is noticeable.



Come up with a project where individual perfumes in an individual designer bottle cost a million rubles! It is clear that all this is in the only copy in the world, and no one can have such a second bottle, but this is pathetic! Probably for sheikhs or oligarchs. It seems to me much cooler, especially such an alien design of bottles! As far as I know the world of perfumery - exclusive does not happen.



Each fragrance feels the handwriting of the author.



I like, in general, everything that Sergey does in one degree or another - from just “like” to “full of delight”.

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